In his mission to bring sophisticated décor and bespoke design services to more homes, more budgets and more locations, Lee Robinson is entering the bold new world of E-Design—or Lee-Design. He could be Skyping himself into your living room next.

It’s a little bit like having Lee Robinson in your pocket. The Lee W Robinson and Company’s latest initiative is the virtual design consult: Clients “meet” with Lee over Skype or Facebook and get all of the directions, ideas, sketches and suggestions they need for a reasonable price and in an expedient time frame.

“It’s just good business; I can consult with more people in less time,” explains Lee. “I’m fast. And ‘digital me’ can transform more homes in one day than I could do in a month of face to face meetings.” An on-line consult can tackle almost anything you would address in person— paint colors, furniture selection and positioning, architectural changes, total transformations. “I’ve done this kind of thing for out-of-town-clients for years,” says Lee. “Sometimes my local clients will Skype me into their Florida condo and ask me for advice. It’s fast, it’s efficient and, for some people, it’s really all they need.”

With the launch of the program this month, Lee plans to set one or two days a week to consult the world from the comfort of his office. “It’s exciting,” he says. “It will introduce me to more people and it will make my services more adaptable to the way people live. I think we’re all going to have a good time.”

Posted on 2018-08-03 by