Long, lush lashes without a spec of mascara may become this summer’s most wanted beauty goal. As Peyton Froula reports, they’re now available at a salon near you.

Photos by Dick Arnspiger and Courtesy Photos

It’s the beauty solution for women who have neither the time nor patience to apply false eyelashes every day, but wish they did. From working professionals to stay-at-home moms to just about everyone in between, women in search of lush, natural-looking lashes are lining up to try the lastest Hollywood-fueled trend to land in Louisville: lash extensions.

In the last few months, eyelash services have been popping up around town at Salons like Joseph’s Salon and Spa, and at specialty lounges including Skye Lash Lounge on Frankfort Avenue, the soon-to-be-open The Lash Lounge in Chenoweth Square and Dekka Lash in Westport Village.

So what does it take to transform your wispy lashes into full-on lush fringe? The application process for eyelash extensions takes anywhere from two to three hours for a new set. Lash sets are applied to the natural lash line using semi-permanent, non-toxic adhesive that won’t harm your natural lashes. Once the extensions are applied, they require fill-ins every two to five weeks, depending on the person. Skye Lash Lounge owner Amber Skye describes her procedure as something they “customize to the client, ensuring nothing we do to the lashes will damage them.” The personalization and care the lounges put into their services ensure the client will love her new lashes.

The clientele are hardly all beauty queens and would-be Kardashians; many clients prefer lash extensions because they’re more natural and practical than mascara. They’re popular with “beauty junkies,” of course, but they’re also popular with women who wear very little makeup—such as trainers, athletes and swimmers. However, they’re not for everyone. Lash extensions are not recommended for anyone undergoing chemo therapy, major surgeries, or people with alopecia who may lack natural hairs to get lash extensions.

While this service can help you streamline and simplify your daily routine, there are a few steps you should take to maintain your new lashes. Jen Kalmey of The Lash Lounge recommends you ask your esthetician which mascara brands are safe to use on your lashes, as they can be sensitive to oils and glycols found in beauty products. It is also generally recommended to clean and brush your extensions daily to help prolong their longevity. On the upside, lash extensions are waterproof, which means you can have beautiful lashes in the pool and in sweltering hot humidity, all summer long.

Here’s the scoop on two new lounges:


2704 Frankfort Avenue

Louisville, Kentucky 40206

(502) 554-7911

Skye Lash Lounge opened its doors at its Frankfort Avenue location September 2017. While their niche and most popular service continues to be eyelash extensions, Skye Lash Lounge also offers lash lifts and tints, spray tans, waxing, injections and even bridal party suite rentals. The lounge is a trendy, warm place with a vibrant staff and eclectic décor. Some of their most prominent aspects of their salon lie in the interior design—they have swings as chairs and beds that hang from the ceiling rafters. When asked what made them special, owner Amber Skye Fair responded:

“Skye Lash Lounge takes pride in keeping the integrity of your natural lash and ensuring nothing we do will damage them. Our twin-size beds that hang from the ceiling, adult ‘sippy cups,’ and friendly atmosphere make for the best lash experience.”


3934 Chenoweth Square

Louisville, Kentucky 40207

(502) 353–1414

The Lash Lounge, an upcoming addition to the Louisville beauty scene, plans to open its doors early August. Owner Jen Kalmey plans on bringing her beauty-vision to life with The Lash Lounge. When asked what makes The Lash Lounge unique, Kalmey replied, “The Lash Lounge provides a premium eyelash salon experience where we help women effortlessly face the world with confidence. At the Lash Lounge in St. Matthews, we not only pride ourselves in our services, but our overall customer experience. Our niche is Eyelash Extensions with other brow and lash services.”

Posted on 2018-07-07 by Christine Fellingham