By Dianne H. Timmering

The world of health and beauty revolves around an endless race towards some antidote to the less desirable symptoms of aging. It is the continual push to revolutionize the anti-aging battle and discover the mysterious fountain of youth. From cosmetics to topical creams to lasers to vitamins to surgeries, there are so many options to consider at each stage and age.

Every year yields new discoveries to be deciphered and decoded. To streamline that process, we have highlighted some of the most exciting new cosmetic procedures and products for 2018. Here, you’ll find a list of safe solutions that will reverse or improve those signs of unwanted external changes—those that can maintain, enhance, sustain, or regain the healthful appearance of the past, for our body’s future.

1. Anti-aging with Plasma.

Plasma Rich Platelets (PRP) have been used for years to help orthopedic rehab patients heal faster. Now, they’re being used to help repair and restore aging skin and promote hair growth. This breakthrough use in the cosmetic world is reversing the wear and tear of aging.

“While the Plasma injectables aren’t new, they are new to the cosmetic world and we are seeing great outcomes, especially when the service is combined with other topical creams or the collagen pen,” say Dr. Sarita Nair, Medical Director at Body RX Med Spa. ”It produces new collagen, which helps to reverse the aging process.”

How it works: PRP therapy involves drawing the patient’s blood and spinning it with the force of centrifuge to separate the plasma from the white and red blood cells. The plasma is then injected back into the face, the neck and chest. Micro-needling across the skin’s surface produces new collagen to help speed up the plasma’s effectiveness.

Benefits: It’s good for mild to moderate aging, acne, loose skin around the eyes and mouth, as well as restoring hair loss in both men, and women. “This is a breakthrough in the cosmetic world!” says Dr. Nair. And it could be the greatest breakthrough we’ve seen in a long time for the eyes and upper lip.

2. Non-surgical rejuvenation down there.

If you follow pop culture news or reality stars, you’ve heard someone unabashedly discuss the “power” of their new “V-JJ.” Vaginal rejuvenation or vagioplasty is the surgical procedure that “tightens up” the vagina after childbirth or menopause or to alter the natural effects of aging. “Vaginal rejuvenation is exploding,” says Dr. Julene Samuels, “and without the need for invasive surgery because technology has improved so much.” Most patients don’t want the down-time that vaginal surgery often necessitates and fortunately, there’s now a non-surgical solution.

How it works: Dr. Samuels uses three non-surgical devices that help treat painful sex, dryness, and incontinence, for example. One, called electromagnetic therapy, targets the muscle around the urethra through either a laser or radio frequency, promoting collagen remodeling and formation in the vaginal canal resulting in new elasticity and therefore, tightening.

Benefits: A recent study released in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal found that after the first treatment, there was a 90 percent response rate, after the second, a 97 percent response rate, and the third—a 100 percent response rate reversing vaginal dryness and painful sex.

3. Orgasm Enhancer.

The “O Shot” (Orgasm shot) is the latest remedy for the postpartum woman who isn’t menopausal but feels like her vagina is “broken,” and for any woman who is having painful sex, difficulty in achieving an orgasm or loss of libido. “The O-shot just seems to make everything better!” says Dr. Samuels. Not all women have intra-vaginal orgasms. There are some women who never experience an orgasm and the O-shot not only seems to help, but it often does it in one shot.

How it works: The O Shot is a painless, all-natural non-surgical procedure using PRP, or platelet rich plasma as described above, from your own blood. Through a small injection, it is re-injected into the clitoris and upper vagina areas where the “O-spot” has its greatest “punch,” so to speak. The procedure may take less than 30 minutes and for some, the results are immediate with long-term results. The O-Shot is even a companion treatment maximizing the effectiveness of vaginal rejuvenation.

Benefits: Any vaginal condition that you have at any stage of life can usually be treated with vaginal rejuvenation devices in conjunction with the O-shot. Approximately 65% of menopausal women with dryness get only one shot, and it may be one to five years before a second one is even needed.

4. Longer lasting injectables.

Newer large-volume injectables not only increase the volume of depressed areas in the face for a lifted, refreshed look, but they last for years.  Sculptra can last up to four and Bellafill up to five.

How it works: The fillers are injected into hollow areas of the face, adding youthful fullness and making skin appear more taut.

Benefits: There is no downtime, virtually no side effects and results last for years.

Posted on 2018-07-07 by Dianne H. Timmering