Russell Gay

Vacuum Authority

Multiple locations •

“I’m a serial entrepreneur. I don’t have any idea why I’m like this, but I wake up each day looking for ways to grow my businesses and enjoy life to the fullest with great people that have a similar positive attitude,” says Russell Gay, owner of Vacuum Authority. After receiving his MBA in the University of Louisville Entrepreneurship Program and inspired by his family’s ownership of a variety of retail stores, including Vacuum Authority, Moore’s Sewing Center and Oreck stores, he set on his own path that eventually led to his founding three companies. He’s driven by a passion for enhancing the local communities his companies serve. Retaining the motto of “Selling the Best & Repairing the Rest,” Vacuum Authority is returning to the sewing industry in which his family once had a strong local footprint. The company will be introducing billion-dollar brands Brother Sewing and Janome Sewing Companies into its four Louisville locations in addition to those in Indianapolis and Parkersburg, West Virginia. Embarking on a new business model, Vacuum Authority will continue operating with the philosophy of “simply putting the customer first, good things will happen.” Gay considers Louisville an ideal location for starting and growing a business. “Like a great house, Louisville has good bones. We’re seeing a renaissance that showcases our past (bourbon, healthcare, distribution, manufacturing, education and entertainment. Louisville is one of the best kept secrets in the United States for owning a business and raising a family. The best thing about being a local business owner is the people we serve. There are many ways to make money but creating a lasting business that enhances the lives of our coworkers and our communities is super rewarding,” says Gay.  His only regret is that there aren’t more hours in the days to turn opportunities into realities.

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