Ross-Hite Design

1222 Garvin Place, Louisville • Facebook: Ross-Hite Design

“I have had lifelong design abilities. When I was 10 years old, I was moving furniture and hanging light fixtures while I spent summer vacations with my grandmother at her estate in Harrodsburg. My mother and grandmother have always had a strong eye for interior design.  They formed the foundation for my eventual career. I am now 34 years old and have been a designer for 10 years. I’m so happy their influence is still very much a part of who I am and what I do,” says Josh Wilkes. His company, Ross-Hite Design, specializes in conceptualizing and executing beautiful commercial and residential environments, as well as wedding and event planning, ranging from large weddings to holiday celebrations and casual dinner parties. He values his position as a local business owner since it gives him the opportunity to build relationships and change people’s lives through innovative design, and for him to become an integral and highly respected member of the community. Believing that everyone deserves to love their home and that a fabulous home shouldn’t be possible only for the wealthy, he embraces the challenge to create luxurious designs that are affordable and attainable. He finds amazing antiques and unique treasures that make a home feel traveled, acquired and lived in. “I would never want to fill a house with everything new. Not only is it fun to discover these pieces, it also helps keep the budget down,” he says. Wilkes enjoys calling Louisville home because it’s a city that supports shopping local, and for him, that’s one of the city’s most appealing attributes.  “If you’re committed to being a reputable business owner, people respond very positively. I love helping people so much and love that interior design can really improve the lives of my clients.”

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