For Lynne Mueller, owner of Stella’s Resale Boutique, spring cleaning brings a slew of new designer labels which translate into incredible bargains for her customers. Louis Vuitton purse for five hundred, anyone?

After two years of running her popular consignment boutique in St. Matthews, Lynne Mueller knows a few things about what attracts shoppers. “Most of our merchandise is in and out quickly,” she says. “We price them well from the start—usually fifty percent off what you’d pay for it new.” And when these deep discounts are offered on luxury labels like Louis Vuitton, Tory Burch and Hermes, it’s no wonder very few hang around for the next markdown which comes in four weeks. (For instance, currently in stock is an unworn pair of Tory Burch sandals for $50.)

Stella’s knows their customers and their definition of a bargain has an upscale twist. “We stick to designer lines,” says Mueller whose background as an interior designer and associate with Anthropologie provided her with a great eye for merchandise and merchandising her store.

“We have customers who come in every week to make sure they don’t miss a deal!”

But they also have shoppers who just come to browse through their beautiful selection of names you don’t see in many other local stores.

Either way, Mueller’s carefully-cultivated ambiance is welcoming to all: “We worked hard to create a place where people look forward to spending time,” she says. “It’s the opposite of the stereotypical dark, crowded consignment shop.” Of course, people come not only to buy, but to turn closet cast-off’s into cash. The process:  Lynne or her manager quickly sift through the pile to make selections. “Then we set a price and it’s a fifty-fifty split,” she says. In the rare case when something doesn’t move in two months, it’s donated to local women’s charities. Mueller says, “We need to make room for the next great deal! The thrill of the hunt is what keeps people coming.”

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