A great friendship and shared passion for fashion helped cultivate a cozy, thriving boutique where shopping is truly a pleasure.

When accountant Kimberly Beyer offered to find a buyer for her client’s shop, Urban Farmhouse Market, she never dreamed it would be her… or that the store would expand from décor and gifts to include side-by-side fashion and home marketplaces. “I had been providing accounting services to the owner for a few years when the owner told me in 2014 that she wanted to liquidate it for a variety of reasons,” she says. “Well I just loved the store and knew other people did too. It pained me to see all of it go out the door.”

Kimberly offered to find a buyer by a certain date but a breast cancer diagnosis and life intervened. “When my client called and said, ‘You said you’d buy it and we need you to buy it,’ I just did,” she says. “There was just something about the store that made me want to save it. And I wanted to save it even though it really wasn’t a great time for me.” When good friend Alison Lawton heard about her impulse purchase, she immediately saw a potential partnership. “She said, ‘Why didn’t you ask me to help?’” says Kimberly.

“Within a five-minute conversation, we were partners.”

This was 2015. Three years later, the duo (who originally met through their daughters’ friendship) have not only reinvigorated the Urban Farmhouse Market, but they have expanded into an adjoining space with its fashion counterpart, The Urban Farmgirls. Renovations for their expansion into fashion was also a labor of love. “We did all of the improvements ourselves… or by ‘we,” I mean Alison’s husband,” says Kimberly. “She designed it and picked out all of the lighting and décor. Her husband bought the barn wood, installed industrial pipes, painted. It started as a blank photo studio and three days later is was The Farmgirls.”

The Farmgirls, like its sister store next door, is a comfortable, beautifully decorated space with a soft, soothing color palette and equally soothing prices. “We wanted everything to be high quality and reasonably priced,” says Kimberly, who was formerly a co-owner of Apricot Lane. “We try to keep almost everything under a hundred dollars.” Their aesthetic is just as relaxed as the ambiance. “We don’t do a lot of brights,” she says. “We’re softer, more muted, more like an urban farm girl. We’re also very focused on texture. We try to appeal to a broad range of ages and we want everything to feel good.” The most expensive item in the store are their Hobo bags which are in the $265 range. Some shoes are priced around $150.

But you can walk right into the shop, where aromatherapy candles are always burning and the customer service is great and get outfitted from head to toe for less than you’d expect. Then, of course, you can walk next door and pick up a few hostess gifts or accessorize your family room. Says Kimberly, “We’re small and quaint, but we can help you get a lot done.”

The Urban Farmgirls

2836 Frankfort Avenue


Posted on 2018-05-07 by Christine Fellingham