Bespoke’s second annual show at The Speed Museum showcased our city’s talent, our commitment to locally-produced products and our forward momentum. Oh yeah, and then there were the clothes.

It’s easy to be distracted by the stunning designs that came strutting down the runway at the Bespoke show on Friday, April 13. But the show and pop-up boutiques are the visible representation of this fashion collective’s mission—a mission that has evolved over the past year and a half. “I didn’t set out to do fashion shows necessarily,” says founder Yamilca Rodriguez.

“That wasn’t really the intent. The intent was to build a networking community of fashion enthusiasts and it turned out that this city was really ready for local fashion and just came out for these shows.” 

Moving into the second year, Rodriguez will focus on finding more ways to leverage this interest to create thriving fashion entrepreneurs.

I want to take the essence of this community and grow it and form a network of collaborations that become thriving entrepreneurial ventures,” she says. What that looks like and how that happens is still a work in progress. “We have to pull this forward. I know how to manage projects. I know how to get things done. Watch me.”

Undoubtedly, we will. In the meantime, however, realizing that the exciting looks on the runway represent real-life fashion options that you can buy to support local talent is the way for the rest of us to keep the momentum going.

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