Successful real estate agents don’t underestimate the power of food, great ambiance and sometimes a cocktail or glass of vino to close a deal. Five of Louisville’s real estate movers and shakers dish up some of their top spots for business entertaining.

I enjoy Pat’s Steakhouse where I have the fried pork chops with a tossed salad, green beans and limas. Amazing! If you like comfort food, there’s nothing better. Steve Canfield, Canfield Realty Group

My favorite restaurant for entertaining clients is the Uptown Café. It provides an upscale but relaxing ambience, awesome service and delicious food. I especially like the chicken piccata. And when the chef gets the whim to make chicken tomatillo soup, it’s my lucky day. Betty Weaver, RE/MAX Properties East

J. Harrod’s has a nice, quiet atmosphere for a business conversation. The Southern home cooking seems to appeal to everyone. Their Hot Brown is really good; the country ham is delicious and I’m crazy about their lima beans. Kathy Drane, Semonin Realtors

If I wanted to make a terrific first impression, I’d choose Jeff Ruby’s. Nothing beats the atmosphere and cuisine. My favorite waiter, Nick, and the in-house pianist, Pete, would seal the deal. The Freddie Salad is the bomb and I love the steamed crab legs. Marybeth Beard, Kentucky Select Properties

For a quick lunch, Feast is always a winner. I switch between the chopped chicken salad and barbecue chicken salad. Vance Peers, Jan Scholtz Realtors

Red Herring Rolls out a New Menu

Chef Jacob Coronado of Red Herring is at it again; his brand new menu debuts this month. We’re not sure what fuels his never-ending rosters of whopping good palate pleasers, but we don’t question a better than good thing. This time he’s got some big tasting surprises such as charred Napa cabbage, chicken enchiladas, a turkey burger, char siu pork, a smoked brisket burrito and a Lou dog. Before you ask, that a bacon-wrapped hot dog gussied up with turkey Mornay sauce and oven dried tomatoes. Coronado sure knows what to do with a dog.

Mom Knows Best

Kevin Grangier, owner of The Village Anchor and Le Moo is generous with kudos to his mother, Myra Grangier, for influencing the menus at his restaurants.

Guests at The Village Anchor have your mother to thank for some of the world’s best fried chicken.

When I opened The Village Anchor, my first restaurant, I didn’t have a food background so I called upon my experience with my mom and grandma in their kitchens. They were both southern cooks. For my mother’s fried chicken, she marinated it in buttermilk and had a special flour she seasoned it with. It was crispy on the outside and moist inside. Before we opened, my mother worked with the chefs because she was adamant that The Village Anchor’s fried chicken looked and tasted the same as it came from her kitchen. Her chicken is still on the menu. I love the memories from when I was young and watched her frying chicken, so it will always be a very special dish to me.

Some people might be surprised to learn that Kevin Grangier is a fan of a bologna sandwich. To be honest, you don’t seem like a bologna kind of guy.

I wanted both of my restaurants to have a little quirkiness. One way I did that at The Village Anchor was to invite our guests to feel part of the family by ordering my mom’s bologna sandwich. We do it just the way she has always done it. The bologna is cut so it doesn’t curl up. Nothing worse than curly bologna.

Why did Bird Flu put a temporary kibosh on your banana pudding?

Our most popular dessert at both The Village Anchor and Le Moo is Mom’s Banana Pudding. She’s the only person I have ever known who makes hot banana pudding with a pile of meringue on top. When the outbreak of Bird Flu hit a few years ago, we couldn’t get the type of eggs we liked to use for the meringue, so we made it with other eggs. She came in and had a fit that the meringue was so unlike her recipe that we had to remove it from the menu for three months. I wasn’t about to overrule her. She’s my mother.

Posted on 2018-05-07 by Nancy Miller