This Westport Village boutique is bustling any time of year, but especially before Derby. With daily shipments of vibrant dresses, one-of-a-kind hats, killer shoes and adorable gifts, this locally owned shop helps you get dressed for every occasion while tackling your entire to-do list.

If you can’t find anything to wear, you haven’t walked into Apricot Lane in Westport Village. This 2,000-square-foot store is practically stocked to the ceilings with stunning, must-have fashion statements. Come Derby time, they’re in high gear. “Last year, I know that we sold over 120 hats and fascinators and 600 dresses,” says owner Wendy Lytle. But with their warm and friendly service, they make everyone feel completely catered to. “We want people to walk out feeling happy,” says Lytle. “We want them to be able to embrace the trends in a way that’s age appropriate and that flatters their body type.”

That’s easy to do in store that not only carries everything from bralettes to fashion tape to dresses, but that’s also brilliantly organized for instant outfit assembly. “Women are busy,” says Lytle. “I merchandise the store so they see everything they need one place. The Derby dresses are next to the Derby hats. The beachy pieces are all together. I have a whole coverup section. We don’t do those little vignettes. We arrange the store the way people shop.”

So, while the leather sofa and comfy chairs make this colorful shop a perfect place to linger with friends, you can also get in and out in an instant. “I’ve had women walk in literally on the way to the track, buy a dress, put on the hat and go,” she laughs. Her hats, by the way, are one-of-a-kind creations embellished by Hats by Anita. What they’re not is overpriced; prices range from $125 to $175. (Fascinators start around $40.)

The no-sticker-shock approach extends to everything in the store. Most everything is under a hundred dollars. The outfit-making accessories hover around $10 or $20. A new prom dress selection is priced under $250 and swimwear separates are priced around $40 a piece. “Swimsuits are so difficult to shop for and a lot of stores don’t carry them anymore,” says Lytle, “but you can’t order a swimsuit online.” Instead, you can come buy one where the prices are reasonable, the atmosphere is laid back and the approach to fashion is pure fun.” Says Lytle, “Whether they’re in a hurry or here to browse, I want everyone who comes in to have a great time.”


Apricot Lane Boutique is located at 1301 Herr Lane. Call 502-708-2822 for more information.


Posted on 2018-04-06 by Danny Alexander