Most of us spend a lot of energy and money focusing on above-the-neck anti-aging measures, while what’s below the wrist can give us away. “A woman can look ten or fifteen years younger than her age and then you look at her hands,” says Dr. Julene Samuels, a cosmetic surgeon in St. Matthews. “Age spots, visible veins and rough texture add those years back. And they’re so easy to treat.”

To the rescue: Laser treatments that can zap both bulging veins and discoloration, typically in a single treatment. “The Sciton BBL laser is incredibly effective at removing  brown spots and smoothing texture,” says Dr. Samuels. “And the Sciton vascular laser can treat vessels in one to three treatments.” At Body RX on South Hurstbourne Lane, they often use lasers to treat sun spots and Radiesse filler to plump thinning skin on hands and conceal veins. In thirty minutes, you can erase ten years.


Dr. Julene Samuels is located at 6400 Dutchmans Pkwy #335, Louisville, (502) 897-9411

Body RX is located at 601 S. Hurstbourne Pkwy (502) 974 3447

Posted on 2018-04-06 by Steve Squall