In-house entertaining experts Ina Miller and Marcella Kragel often find that the season’s best party and home décor is growing right outside your door. On these pages, their on-trend advice for using fresh florals and greenery to elevate your ambiance.

Here at Ina Marcella Events, we dig—both literally and figuratively—gardening in our personal lives, which is why unique plant accents are one of our favorite event elements. In addition to their visual beauty, plants are über-functional. Many house plants remove toxins and purify the air, as well as add much needed humidity during the dry winter. We find that they also help brighten your mood during the lingering dark weeks before spring really hits. Best of all, they bring natural, organic texture and color to your home or gathering.

To inspire you, we’ve compiled our top five favorite floral arranging trends for this year.

Free-style arranging or deconstructed arrangements are going to dominate centerpieces and bouquets this year. Talk about getting your creative juices flowing; it basically means arranging whatever you want. From mixing florals with paper flowers to accenting planted flowers with cut blooms, you can let your imagination guide you.

Moss is making a comeback. There are nearly 10,000 species worldwide and they come in all colors. Try adding a little moss into low plant centerpieces, terrariums, floral walls, basically anywhere you want a touch of whimsy.

While locally sourced and in-season food continues to dominate the culinary world, we see this trend growing in plants and florals as well. Nothing conveys the season better than a gorgeous thriving plant. Think tulips in spring, dahlias in summer, and mums in the fall as the base of your arrangements, while filling in with indigenous greenery like magnolia leaves.

Talk about extremes: Dried florals and aquatic plants are both going to be huge this year. They are equally easy to care for. One is already preserved and the other needs to remain submerged in water. Just add a beautiful vessel or jar to contain them, and you are done.

Use the Pantone color of the year: ultra-violet 18-3838. Hues of purple can be found in useful and aromatic plants like lavender, rosemary and thai-basil.



We truly love plants and their versatility in our homes and events. Embrace them and use them. These are our favorite shops around town for fabulous plants and florals.


Nanz & Kraft

141 Breckenridge Lane,
4450 Dixie Highway,
2415-A Lime Kiln Lane

Ina got her start there and if you ever have a plant-related question, they are an incredible resource.


806 E Market Street

Just walking into the store gets inspiration flowing. They specialize in unique blooms and have a serious eye for design.


1731 Frankfort Avenue

This modern, beautiful shop will make you wish you brought a cup of coffee to sip while you sit and chat about plants with the knowledgeable staff.

The Plant Kingdom

4101 Westport Road

This is truly one of our favorite places to wander when it’s time for a home or yard refresh.

Farmers’ markets

With spring just around the corner, we love visiting our neighborhood farmers’ market for the freshest local flowers.


3 Ideas that Take Florals Beyond the Centerpiece

While nothing sets the mood better than a beautiful centerpiece, don’t limit your use of plants to tabletops. The benefits of floral elements apply to your entire room. We love nothing more than surprising our guests with clever event decor, and plants are an excellent tool.


Use a large leaf as a placemat or instead of a charger. Our favorite option is the Monstera leaf. They can be ordered in bulk from your favorite florist.

Floral hoops and wreaths will be all the rage this year. From vine wrapped hoops hanging from the ceiling, to floral wreaths adorning the heads of brides, these folk-art inspired pieces will make a modern statement.

Work with your chef or mixologist to incorporate in-season flowers and fresh herbs into your menu, then create major wow factor by adding those elements into your décor. If mint is on the menu, then it should be used in décor throughout the event, creating a sensory experience that goes beyond your food and beverages.


by Marcella Kragel and ina miller
Ina Marcella Events is a full service event planning and creative consulting business co-owned by Ina Miller and Marcella Kragel. With shared backgrounds in the arts and non-profit management, and a mutual passion for community engagement, Ina and Marcella have developed a unique approach to event planning aimed at creating inspired one-of-a-kind events for their clients.   Ina and Marcella have been friends for twenty years and each is married with three kids.

Posted on 2018-03-01 by Marcella Kragel and Ina Miller