This sophisticated piece can update your living space, especially if you dress it up with these techniques from Bliss Home designer Branson Batliner.

This particular spring is the perfect time to have fun with home accessories—whether you’re styling an elegant new daybed or reorganizing a book shelf. “We’re seeing some very exciting colors being used in décor,” says Branson Batliner, a designer at Bliss Home in Westport Village where you can find 24,000 square feet of stunning furnishings for inspiration.

“Adding bold colors in your accessories can be very transformative,” he says. “It can make your entire home look new.” Here, he starts us off smaller, with some up-do-date tips on styling a chic daybed.

1. Go vibrant.

“We’re seeing a lot of vibrant colors in décor-- from violet to lavender to turquoise and citron. Pillows are a great place to add them to an otherwise neutral décor."

2. Layer textures.

“Natural textures are very big right now and they really warm up a room.” Woven pillows add a cozy, touchable quality.

3. Pull colors from your surroundings.

“I think in terms of vignettes. You want to combine colors that make everything look harmonious.” Choose two or three from the room to use in accessories. Don’t assume they have to be the most dominant colors in your décor. (Branson chose citron and grey.)

4. Play with scale.

Build your pillowscape from big to small—placing larger pillows in the back and smaller in the front. Do the opposite with patterns—using smaller, busier patterns in the back.

5. Pile it on.

“With pillows, I tend to work in groups of two and three. One looks too skimpy.” Stick to one throw, though. “Too many blankets will make it look like it really is a bed.”

6. Mix old and new.

“Whenever you accessorize, think about items you already own that you can bring into the process.  That will personalize your home and give it a sense of history.”

Posted on 2018-03-01 by Christine Fellingham