There may be a few moments left to score last-minute tickets to the city’s best mid-winter bash: the American Heart Association Heart Ball sponsored by, yes, TOPS.

It’s no surprise that it’s a hot ticket. With perennially popular Burning Las Vegas as their musical act, Hall-of-Fame legend and transplant survivor Rod Carew as VIP guest, and both silent and live auctions, the American Heart Association Heart Ball brings a lot of energy and excitement into an otherwise dreary month and it does it all for a great cause. (FYI, on-line bidding for the silent auction promises fun and fundraising without leaving your couch.)

This year, the event—for which TOPS is the proud media partner— involves unique, interactive elements that will add new wow factor when guests arrive at their tables. “I can’t say much more than that,” says Heart Ball Director Suzy Hillebrand. “Let’s just say that we’ve found ways to use technology to enhance the guest experience. We’re going to have everyone crying and laughing.” And… dancing. “This event is known for being one where everyone gets up and gets out on the floor,” says  Hillebrand. “And this band will have everyone on their feet.”

This year, it’s also an event where a fortunate few can pay for special tickets that include a close encounter with Hall of Fame baseball player Rod Carew. The retired major leaguer received a transplant in December 2016 from a 29-year-old NFL player Konrad Reuland. “He has an incredible story and he’s committed to honoring Reuland and to encouraging others to become donors,” says  Hillebrand. Carew will meet with those holding special tickets before he attends the Ball where he will escort the American Heart Association’s young survivor to the stage. “It’s an evening of great stories,” she adds. “We want everyone to feel glad that they came out and supported us.”

The committee members also want everyone to walk away with memories. “Every year, we think about how we’re going to plan a party that people talk about until next year,” says co-chair Veronica Wunderlich. While they’re still keeping some of the excitement under wraps, Hillebrand promises transformative décor: “You will start on top of the water when you walk in and work your way into the water. By the time you dine, you will be sitting at the bottom of the ocean.”

For tickets to the American Heart Association Ball on Saturday, February 10 or information about the on-line silent auction, go to louisvilleheartball.heart.org.

Posted on 2018-02-01 by Christine Fellingham