Anthony Roberts, A Roberts & Associates

Growing up on a farm taught him the vast importance of planning for the future well in advance, visibly watching from his earliest memory as every yesterday built towards every tomorrow. Now entering his 34th year in business, financial expert Anthony Roberts, head of A. Roberts & Associates, is at your service. Through hard work, perseverance, and expertise, Tony has received the Certified Senior Adviser (CSA) designation, as well as the Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC®) designation.

With a finely developed acumen and eye toward personalized service, he is ready to guide you past the pitfalls and perils that time inevitably throws our way, and into the kind of smooth retirement that you deserve.

For Anthony and his team, your best interests are always at the top of the list. The absolute number one priority is your future, the way it can only be with one-on-one, localized, personalized service. Where other services attempt to force clients into broad models of retirement planning and treat you like some anonymous number, the experts at A. Roberts & Associates understand that each individual is different, even as we all have many of the same basic needs. They can help you to accumulate wealth during your working years, so that you have less worries as you distribute it through your retirement. With a careful and considerate eye, you will be guided through a financial needs analysis that will navigate you towards success in income planning, estate planning and preservation, preservation of capital and principal protected growth, wealth transfer strategies, market risk, investments, long term care planning, and legacy planning.

A. Roberts & Associates is also particularly dedicated to serving veterans and their families. Startling statistics suggest that nearly two million veterans and widows are missing out on 22 billion dollars a year in pensions. This doesn’t sit well at all with Tony, and he has made a stand to do something about it. A. Roberts & Associates have built a partnership with accredited VA attorneys, assisted living facilities, at-home care providers and other senior advocates, and they provide a holistic approach to the Aid and Attendance Pension to maximize the benefits provided to veterans, spouses, surviving spouses of veterans, and their families.

A. Roberts & Associates can also aid you with day-to-day matters, finding solutions in regards to annuities, life insurance, and tax planning strategies.

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Posted on 2018-02-01 by Rocko Jerome