By bye, Bridezilla. From signature cocktails to smaller guest lists and hand-crafted invitations, this year’s standout weddings will be all about personal touches and custom, picture-postcard experiences.

Once upon a time, in the world of the wedding planner, bigger was better. De rigeur for elegant weddings were towering cakes, mega floral arrangements, and bigger and bigger spaces to accommodate longer and longer guests lists. Not anymore.

“Smaller weddings are definitely the trend,” says Veronica Stiver, event manager at the vaunted 21c Museum Hotel. “Many brides are choosing to have more curated guest lists, so they have more time to spend with each of their guests. It also allows them to offer elements they care about, like bespoke paper invitations, elaborate florals and memorable food and beverages.” Even when wedding numbers get larger, the goal is a truly couture experience. “I’m seeing non-traditional wedding cakes, dessert buffets with family recipes, suits instead of tuxes, and hand-made wedding favors,” says Susan Stewart, co-owner and photographer with Love Hunters. “The focus is on creating a day that reflects the couple and their friends.”  Here are some of the more notable ways brides and grooms are captivating their guests:

Posted on 2018-01-04 by Christine Fellingham