After dating for five years, this creative couple planned a picturesque and highly-personalized wedding celebration with a masked first dance and an unforgettable air show.

In their five years of dating, the subject of proposals sometimes came up for Brooke Nunelley and Baron Miller. “I told Baron that my childhood dream had always been to get engaged on the ice skating rink at Rockefeller Center because I love ice skating,” says Brooke. “But after seeing five proposals there during a high school trip, the magic was lost.”

Flash forward a few years and her would-be fiancé found a way to honor her original vision but put their own spin on it. “He rented out our local Iceland ice arena, brought a portable speaker and made a playlist of some of our favorite love songs including ‘Endless Love’ for those Happy Gilmore fans out there,” says Brooke. “Unfortunately, Baron isn’t the best skater. So, when the time came, he put on ‘Faithfully’ by Journey and skated towards me. With the ring in one hand, he tried kneeling down and gliding towards me, but immediately face planted on the ice. Obviously, I crumbled with tears running down my face and we sat on the ice together. It was clumsy and hilarious and perfectly us.”

Also perfectly them was the unique wedding day they planned during Thunder Over Louisville weekend. “Our first decision was our venue, Louisville Executive Aviation,” she says. “It was still a fairly uncommon venue and was the perfect combination of comfort from the elements with an outdoor wedding feel.” The choice of church was important to them both too. “We chose St. Louis Bertrand not only because it’s beautiful, but because a lot of Baron’s family attends there and we really connected with our priest, Father Gorman,” adds Brooke. And the couple knew they wanted to have Louis Karem, owner of Karem’s Bar and Pub, cater the reception. “He has been a long-time family friend and went above and beyond providing everything from the linens to the glassware to bartenders and even a complementary dinner for ten to try our wedding meal before the big day,” says Brooke.

The personal touches extended beyond the family friend as caterer. The two planned from the beginning to personalize the day as much as they could.

“Our main goal was for people to leave the reception saying, ‘That was so Brooke and Baron,’

“I hand-made paper airplane save-the-dates because I love crafting. My parents are the most creative people I know and they created handmade custom tree centerpieces to transform the hangar into a garden party.”

The cake and snack mix during cocktail hour were family recipes. They bought everyone MegaMillion lottery tickets because Baron gave Brooke one on their first date. And since Baron grew up loving wrestling, Brooke gave him and each groomsman a Luchador mask as a gift.

One unforgettable moment came when Brooke and Baron did their first dance in their masks… and then were joined unexpectedly by the masked groomsmen. Another came earlier that evening when the couple snuck off to get a few photos taken. “Just as the sun was setting, the fighter jets from Thunder were taking off, carrying the American flag,” she says. “It was beautifully patriotic and made for amazing pictures.”

  As for what she remembers most about their big day? “I remember every second of the ceremony and how I felt calm and happy and got through it all without crying which is unheard of for me.” Her advice to other couples in planning mode? “Personalize as many things as you can. We are so glad we did. That way, all of your guests get to know you better as a couple.”

The Details

Venue: Louisville Executive Aviation

Photographer: Love Hunters

Videographer: Colburn Video

Caterer: Louis Karem

Cake: Bride and Mother of the Groom

Dress: Sher’s

Men’s attire: Jos A. Bank

Flowers: Kroger Florist (wholesale)

Music: Tony and the Tanlines

Invitation Design/Calligraphy: Fangman Freelance

Posted on 2018-01-04 by Christine Fellingham