Photos by Danny Alexander

This on-the-rise procedure often makes news when the latest celeb hits the red carpet with disproportional duck lips. But Dr. Sarita Nair of Body Rx Med Spa explains that when it’s performed properly, a lunchtime lip injection is an individualized procedure that flatters your face shape, rejuvenates and, yes, creates a pretty pout. Two women share their experiences.

“One size does not fit all when it comes to lip injections,” says Dr. Sarita Nair, a board certified internal medical specialist who co-owns Body Rx on Hurstbourne Lane with her husband Dr. Suresh Nair.

“There are fillers that range from small to large particles and we can use them to carefully shape a patient’s lips and target problem areas.”

Overzealous plumping isn’t on the menu of services at this elegant medi spa. Instead, Dr. Nair examines a patient’s needs and uses the filler or fillers that will address them specifically. “I look at the surrounding area too, not just the lips themselves,” she explains. “Sometimes we need to restore a little volume above or below to support the lips and improve the shape. Sometimes we need fine line fillers in addition to larger molecules to add fullness.” What Dr. Nair won’t do is simply fill them up as far as she can go: “I sometimes have to talk patients out of requests that are too extreme,” she says. “They wind up happier with a more natural result.”

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