When tackling that resolution to get organized, you can start small—uncluttering one space at a time. Here, professional home organizers and stylists. Kari George and Katie Hilbert of The Home Sanctuary, take on the hub of many homes:
the pantry.

Consider containers: “That Pinterest look where everything is taken out of its package and put into a pretty basket or glass container isn’t always sustainable. We really think about making the plan functional. Sometimes cute clips for bags are more helpful than dumping things out. With cereal, we do find that removing bags from boxes saves room and works well. We just put clips on the bags and put them in baskets.” Choose clear containers for items you need to see or items you run out of frequently.

Reimagine layout: Place snacks at levels that are kid appropriate. Put daily use items in middle shelves, rarely-used items up or back. Consider adding a Lazy Susan for spices, cooking supplies or condiments.

Take inventory: We start by taking everything out, throwing away anything expired or stale and removing items like cereal bags from boxes. “We try to get rid of as many boxes as we can,” says Kari.

Eliminate non-food items: “You’d be amazed at what we’ve found in pantries. “We try to take bowls, paper goods, cook books out.”

Label everything: Once everything has an official place, it’s easier to maintain the system… and, hopefully, your sanity.

Regroup: Place like items together and think about where to place them for greatest functionality.

So, you want to get organized? Kari and Katie are professional home organizers and stylists who offer custom-organization of spaces big and small. If you’re ready to clear the clutter and chaos from your life, you can call 502-396-8690 or email [email protected] or [email protected] for a free consultation. Or go to for more details.

Posted on 2018-01-04 by Christine Fellingham