With stylish surprises arriving every day and clothes, accessories and gifts that cater to both teens and adults, it’s no wonder this cozy boutique has been bustling for eight years.

It’s not easy to appeal to moms, grandmas and teens alike, but Apricot Lane in Westport Village makes it look effortless. Their wide appeal is obvious as soon as you set foot inside the door of the homey, light-filled store with its comfy chairs and piles of magazines. Everywhere you look, there are style options: mini dresses, maxi skirts, cropped tops, billowy tunics, ankle boots, flats. And, yet, the selection isn’t random, but, rather, a carefully-curated mix. This month, for instance, velvet and a palette heavy on blush, red and jewel tones makes the wide variety of choices look cohesive.

“We go after the trends,” says owner Wendy Lytle, who opened the store eight years ago. “But we’ll do them in a variety of ways to make them wearable for everyone. Crushed velvet is a trend, so we have it in rompers, dresses, long sleeves, short sleeves, shorts, skirts.”

Not only does that approach allow almost anyone to have success in their dressing rooms (which are fabulous, by the way), but it also allows everyone to put together an entire outfit in one thoroughly enjoyable shopping excursion. “We want to make sure you can do the whole look,” says Lytle. “We have the purse, the shoes, the clothes and the accessories."

"We make it easy for someone to come in and get a head-to-toe look for any occasion—whether it’s a business trip or a party.”

Or even a wedding. “We have bridesmaids come in all the time to get different dresses in matching colors,” she says. “Our stylists are trained to be able to help pull it all together and make sure people come out feeling great about how they look.”

Their prices are as encouraging as their staff. Prices range from about twenty dollars for tops to ninety-nine for dresses; accessories and gifts are often less than twenty. And the merchandise is always changing. “We get shipments every day,” says Lytle. “There are always new things to see.”

While the fast turnover and reasonable prices make the boutique a fun place to shop every day, it has also gained a following for special gatherings like meetings, girls’ nights and even book clubs.

“We love doing private shopping nights,” says Lytle. “We’ve been offering them since we opened and it’s when we really shine. You just need ten people and we bring the wine and the cheese!” There’s no fee to host a gathering there—just incentives. “The hostess gets twenty percent off that night and the guests get ten. And we’ll also give ten percent back to any organization of the host’s choice.”

Not surprisingly, a lot of organizations have taken them up on this offer. “We’ve had PTA groups, book clubs, bridal parties, girls’ nights and, last month, we hosted NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners),” says Lytle. “We’d be happy to host an ornament exchange if we still have open days on the calendar!”


Apricot Lane is located at 1301 Herr Lane in Westport Village. Call 502-708-2823 for more information.

Posted on 2017-12-08 by Christine Fellingham