Even traditional holiday décor can use an upgrade every now and then. Here, some tricks of the trade from Donna Singleton, Cherry House floral designer and resident tree-decorating guru.

She’s the decorating mastermind behind 10,000 dazzling square feet of trees, garlands, centerpieces and swag that makes Cherry House a destination during the holidays. “We have something for everyone—from the traditionalist to the minimalist,” says Donna who also frequently tricks out her clients’ homes during this hectic season.

And while red and green are here to stay, this decorating pro has seen an evolution in holiday décor that follow trends in home design. “Trees used to be very random, but they’ve become more artistic,” she says. “We used to put bows on the tops of the trees, but now we create spheres with the ribbon or bring it down vertically for more drama.  And instead of separating similar ornaments, I sometimes cluster them to create pops of color. I’ll also use garlands to create cascades rather than wrapping them around the tree. And I like to incorporate large elements—like lanterns or angels—in between branches.” Here are some other fresh twists to consider when you’re decking your halls:

Hits of glitz. Glitter, jewels and metallics are amplifying the wow factor—whether in ribbon, ornaments or branches.

Mixed textures. The contrast of rough and smooth, natural and polished elevates the visual interest.

Au natural. No-glitz looks with magnolia, pine and maybe linen or muslin ribbon complement traditional and modern decor.

White Christmas. “We’re doing minimalist trees too—often in white with a mix of blue ornaments.”

Play with palette. “I’m using a lot of non-traditional colors like grey and blue, but in a spectrum of shades like teal and aqua and cobalt. It doesn’t have to be red to say holidays.”

Posted on 2017-11-03 by Christine Fellingham