Is it breakfast? Is it brunch? No matter what you call it, ZEGGZ is ready to wow you with delectable dishes, many of them made to order and all of them using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and inventive twists on classic recipes. It’s an accommodating, laid-back kind of place where you can order up Piggy Sticks (cherrywood bacon-stuffed pancakes on a stick) and a glass of self-serve champagne from their new and novel champagne keg. (It may be the only one of its kind in the country, by the way, and it’s available for parties for a reasonable rental fee.)

To further tease your palate and imagination, the ZEGGZ menu features a wide spectrum of egg/bacon/sausage/potato/biscuits selections, including a variety of omelets; crème brûlée french toast and Belgian waffles. Someone at ZEGGZ took time out from concocting the yumminess of the dishes to give them offbeat names that are bound to make you smile. The Picoso omelet is chock full of eggs, chorizo, jalapeño, two kinds of cheese and avocado. The folks at ZEGGZ aren’t content with simply listing eggs, biscuit, fried chicken and sausage gravy when they can call it Smothered Chicken. Too bad for the chicken, but you gotta admit it’s catchy. And addictive!

You’re going to be surrounded by a bevy of breakfast lovers, but that doesn’t mean ZEGGZ ignores the lunch-y crowd. They may have to sit a spell while they ponder Lunch Specialtz like the Farmhouse Club, Derby Cobb, Brunch Burger or Boone’s BBQ Chicken Sandwich. Who is Boone? We’re not sure. But whoever he or she is, the sandwich is darn good.

If you’re not in the mood for champagne (really?) but would still like an adult beverage, maybe the Mimoza, Bloody or Screw will be the perfect libation with your meal.

Don’t worry about the kids while you’re sipping away. They’ll be happily busy eating kid-friendly fare such as Tenders & Taters (southern fried chicken with fries), a grilled cheese or the Big Pig (egg, bacon, sausage and American cheese with a biscuit on the side.) A new ZEGGZ Kidz menu is all about convenience and catering to the on-the-go family. Those Piggy Sticks, unlike a stack of hotcakes, are ideal for eating on the way to school. Like the regular menu, the Kidz menu can be ordered online or with the ZEGGZ app and will be ready for pick-up when you arrive. Taking the kids to ZEGGZ won’t break the bank. They eat free on weekdays from 7 to 9 with an adult purchase.

Eating at ZEGGZ is as cozy and comfy as eating at home. At the Middletown location you can schmooze with your friends in front of the fireplace or enjoy the view just outside the windows. The Lime Kiln Lane spot is equally relaxing with its spiffy, casual ambience. Whichever location you choose, you’ll be welcome to linger. If you’re in a hurry, you can make your meal a quick in-and-out although you won’t want to stay away very long.

ZEGGZ has a unique Happy Hour!

Happy Hour runs from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday. When you get up at 4 a.m. to make biscuits, happy starts at 10 a.m.

ZEGGZ (2 locations)

2400 Lime Kiln Lane, Suite 3


11615 Shelbyville Road, Suite 102


The Inside Scoop with  Ashton Lockhart, ZEGGZ partner and president

How was the idea of ZEGGZ hatched?

Most of the partners are no strangers to the restaurant industry and there are decades of experience at the ZEGGZ board table. We’re all locals and, as you know, Louisville is a “foodie town,” but not in a snobby way. It’s part of our culture that meals are more of a social engagement rather than about sustenance. Geographically, Louisville is technically Midwestern, but socially, we are “sweet tea and gravy.” On that note, ZEGGZ really does have some of the best gravy you’ve ever put in your mouth. It’s like your granny is in the kitchen and, appropriately, we call it Kentucky Pound Cake. Part of that Southern hospitality our city is so famous for is that we break bread with just about everyone we meet.

We decided to concentrate on the first two meals of the day because that’s where we saw the biggest void in the market and thought we could produce something new and different

Why do you say ZEGGZ serves brunch, not breakfast and lunch?

Brunch is about eating cake in the morning and drinking before it’s socially acceptable. It’s the perfect mix of sweet and savory. It’s champagne and bacon. Brunch is fun and that’s precisely why everybody loves brunch. We don’t want people to wait for the weekend for the best meal. We want people to have brunch every day. We’re open from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. daily.

Have you always been a brunch person?

I can’t say that I know anyone who isn’t a “brunch person.”

Would you cALL ZEGGZ “fast casual”?

We do. Like traditional quick-service of “fast-food” restaurants, ZEGGZ accommodates the fast-paced world we live in. Between soccer practice, gymnastics lessons, tutoring, etc., people don’t always have an hour to devote to a meal. At ZEGGZ we accommodate the on-the-go lifestyle but do it with local, fresh ingredients and offer far more choices. ZEGGZ delivers a healthier and more customized meal than you get at a drive-through.

Who developed the menu?

ZEGGZ has assembled an incredible team but, of course, our menu development starts with our executive chef, James Love. James is young, innovative and has a “rock and roll” edge to him, but is also a great father and family man. He really understands our customer because he is our customer and is, for lack of a better phrase, a really “cool cat.”

Brunch is fun and it shows with our menu. We also drew from the familiar flavors of Kentucky, for our Hot Brown Benedict and Weisenberger cheese grits.

Our customers overwhelmingly gravitate to our “Build Your Brunch” section where you pick your ingredients from a myriad of options and the kitchen prepares it fresh. We recently added the “Build Your Own” B(r)urrito (brunch burrito) to our menu and, to no surprise, it was instantly one of the most popular items. With all the ingredient choices there are literally millions of combinations of that one menu item. That’s what our customers love about ZEGGZ.

Let’s get to the bubbly, the Bubblz Machine!

It took months and several different companies coming together to make it a reality and is the first system of its kind in the U.S. (and maybe the world; we haven’t seen anything like it, anywhere.) It’s self-serve bubbly on tap. Pull one handle and out comes Brut; pull the other and out comes Rose.

But there’s more to ZEGGZ’s libations than THE BUBBLY, right?

Brunch simply isn’t brunch without a cocktail or two. Our bar menu is just the essentials – Mimozas, Tito’s Bloodys and Fancy Squeezed Screws, a Tequila Sunrise and the KY Coffee. And, if you’re wondering why we call it Fancy Squeezed Orange Juice, just look at our juicer. It’s really fancy and kids love watching it work.

ZEGGZ takes the hassles out of ordering. You’ve thought of everything?

Technology is a critical part of the fast-casual model. We’ve devoted much effort putting systems in place that make our customers’ lives just a little easier. We offer online ordering and ordering via our app, and delivery via Postmates. You can choose from the regular menu, ZEGGZ Kidz menu and our full catering menu. You can even order days in advance so you can run in and grab your brunch-to-go.


Zeggs Zing

This sparkling signature brunch cocktail is delightful any time of day, with or without a self-serve champagne keg

Top with 1 part champagne

1 dash of Lemon Bitters

1 part fresh-squeezed orange juice

1 part ginger syrup

Posted on 2017-11-03 by Nancy Miller