Let’s just be honest, Halloween is usually all about the kids: How much candy did they get? What costumes will they wear? Who’s throwing the best haunted house party? But why should kids have all the fun? We like candy, costumes and parties too. And we are firm believers that Halloween is a night for all. So, we’re sharing our personally-tested tips and ideas that will let you party like an adult this Halloween season.


You have to have a great costume. Everyone loves fun couple’s costumes, but if your significant other isn’t into it, don’t worry. There are amazing best friend costume ideas out there as well. For example, this year we’re dressing as “Cake and Ice Cream.” If you aren’t a fan of traditional costumes, think about word play costumes. With Pinterest around there is no excuse to say you had nothing to wear. 


Party guests will arrive ready to impress with their costumes, so make sure your house matches their enthusiasm. 

  • Many great scary stories begin with friends sitting around a campfire, so why not embrace the cliché. Set up hay bales in a circle around a fire pit. If it’s chilly have some blankets ready, and don’t forget the Marshmallows.
  • Pumpkins are a Halloween decoration staple. While everyone else is carving their pumpkins, we’re fans of painting them. It’s less of a mess, easy to do and an unexpected twist on a classic. Paint yours to match your other decorations by mixing up the colors and using fun patterns. 
  • No party would be complete without a great playlist, and Halloween is second only to Christmas in terms of fun seasonal music. But don’t limit yourself to the Monster Mash. Think outside of the classics by incorporating classic horror movie soundtracks. It could even turn into a game where guests are challenged to name the movie they came from.
  • Want to really kick your party up a notch? We suggest hiring a palm reader for the evening and guarantee it will be a hit!


Remember that when costumes are involved, many guests will have elaborate makeup and/or props. Make sure snacks are easy to hold and relatively low mess.

  • Fall is the perfect time for year for punch. We suggest making a Halloween inspired brew for your guests using the seasons best refreshment, apple cider. When mixed with locally-made brandy from Louisville’s own Copper & King Distillery, magic happens. Hot or cold, this drink will please even your scariest guests. 
  • We all know candied apples are difficult to eat, but this party-friendly version is easy: Just cut apples into wedges, spear them on kabobs and set up a candy topping bar complete with caramel sauce. 
  • Food display can be a great way to embrace decorations. A pumpkin serves as a great drink cooler. All you have to do is chop off the top, clean out the gourd, and fill with ice and beverage bottles.


Don’t worry if none of your friends are throwing a party; there is plenty to do around town. These are a few events and/or places we are eager to visit this year.

Boo La La Halloween Ball

This annual fundraiser for our amazing park system is a great way to have fun and give back. This year’s theme, Stranger Things Have Been Known to Happen! (October 28, www.olmstedparks.org/boolala)

Nightmare NuLu

This celebration is back for its second year and it’s going to be awesome! The day welcomes tiny trick-or-treaters, but the night is adults only with drink specials and a passport party throughout the neighborhood. (October 28, www.nulu.org)

Louisville Ghost Tours

 Learn the dark and scary secrets of our city on this 1.5-hour tour. (Nightly, www.louisvilleghosttours.com)

Waverly HILLS Sanatorium 

One of the scariest places in the country! Find out why. (Every Friday and Saturday night between September 20 - October 28th, www.therealwaverlyhills.com)



Posted on 2017-10-06 by Dick Arnsi