A meticulously designed closet is becoming a given in well-appointed homes about town. Here, new features that can amp up the glamour.

It used to be the man cave. Then the media room. Now local homeowners are turning their attention and budgets to their closets, creating boutique-like spaces that organize their wardrobes and enhance their lives. If turning the place where you store clothing and shoes into a virtual sanctuary seems excessive, consider this: “Clutter is disturbing and stressful,” says Marilyn Jones, vice president and co-owner of Closet Factory where business is booming and recent closet renovation projects have ranged from $1500 to $40,000. “When you can eliminate clutter you really improve the quality of the life.”

Closet consultations typically begin with a visit to the space and a complete inventory of a client’s wardrobe. “It involves talking about the space and the client’s needs in detail,” she says. “When we’re done, whether you’ve invested in a simple design or a Beverly Hills showplace, you will start and end every day in a place that makes you feel happy.”

1. The chandelier adds elegance! Even a modest lighting upgrade makes a difference.

2. Accessories like the mannequin create a special boutique feel.

3. Optimal walk-around space for a closet island is the same as a kitchen island: 36”. You get away with a little less, but not by much.

4. If you can add a chair or ottoman, do it! Every time you put on your shoes, you’ll thank yourself.

5. Crown molding, pilasters, and custom finishes add to the wow factor, but eve a simpler design adds functionality and maximizes space.

6. Security features include false-bottom drawers, a safe and a hidden door.

7. Try to incorporate mirrors in your closet. They’re practical and beautiful.

8. This closet is built with custom-painted natural wood. But melamine or fiberboard (which is gorgeous when painted) are more frequently used material and they’re durable, strong and economical.

Posted on 2017-09-08 by Christine Fellingham