The well-dressed dog has a choice of stylish boutiques about town. But before you browse, resident pet expert and radio host Tara Bassett shares some shopping pointers.

 Doggie Dressing Do's and Don'ts:

SAFETY: “My main concern is putting animals in anything restricting,” says Dr. Miller. “Obviously, for practical reasons, no outfit should get in the way of relieving themselves. With clothing or a leash around their necks, you also need to make sure you can get 2-3 fingers underneath so it is not too tight.” And if clothing is tight or rubbing around the armpits, it can cause irritation.”

WEATHER: “Smaller dogs and thin-haired dogs often need extra warmth in cold or rain,” she says. “Their body temperature can drop quickly, so the added protection of outerwear can prevent that. Fitted, comfortable sweaters or jackets in the winter are great— with an extra waterproof layer if needed.”

HAPPINESS: Is your dog really happy playing dress-up? Or are we anthropomorphizing our love of shopping onto our poor pooches? As for my puppy pack, Brady and Wyatte only tolerate the togs I pull out on the Fourth of July. And because of their size and their thicker coats, they really don’t need doggy duds. Gracie Lou, however, shivers even after a bath, so she has a raincoat and sweater to protect her from the elements. She actually prances when I grab her foul weather garb!

If your dog scratches, bites, or wriggles when dressed, he or she may be best left to a natural state. If she perks up , then, by all means, indulge your furry fashionista. 

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