La Chasse’s unique, new beverage program is an exploration of flavor pairings that are sure to excite your palate.
Choose a craft cocktail, an exotic spirit, a glass or wine or a craft beer from the recently introduced flavor pairing portion of the menu. The beverage is served on a slate or hardwood board with three small “bites” that complement the flavors of the beverage or enhance the existing flavors within the beverage.
The food, created by Executive Chef Andrew Weleken, right, covers a wide range of ingredients and includes flavors such as sweet, salty and sour, and an array of textures. You’ll be able to sample local produce, exotic cheese, artisan bread and house-made compotes, jellies, forcemeats and pastries. A variety of textures are presented as well.

“We’re sourcing beverages from around the world. The food pairings are created by Executive Chef Andrew Welenken,” says La Chasse owner and Head Bartender, Isaac Fox. “It is a totally immersive experience.”

  • La Chasse Rosé Côtes-du-Rhône + cherries, strawberries,Derby sage cheese and smoked Marcona almonds.
  • A Mai Tai made with Blackwell rum + grilled pineapple, candied orange and Marcona almonds.
  • Polugar #3 Caraway + Brussels sprouts slaw, goat cheese, rémoulade and pickled Fresno chile.
  • Michter’s bourbon + braised short rib, bourbon carrot mousse and Bordelaise sauce.

Posted on 2017-08-04 by Nancy Miller