Quirky “micro-boutique” BAZ and BEA brings custom-dyed garments, hand-made jewelry and fairly-priced fashion to Bardstown Road.
You can add a new stop to your next stroll in the Highlands.  This month, a funky little boutique formerly at Mellwood Arts is moving to 1433 Bardstown Road and bringing its eclectic mix of affordable and custom fashion finds. “We cater to someone who really wants to put together something unique,” says co-owner Justin Keibler who owns the business with his husband Nathan Smothers. “We want people to feel that they can express themselves here—whether they’re sixty or sixteen.”
The pair are both dyers with backgrounds in the arts and design and they’ve built their business around custom-dyed apparel and textiles. “People respond to color often before they even respond to a specific style,” says Keibler. “We can custom-mix pigments to create a color that only they can imagine in their mind’s eye.” They can dye items to match another object, they can dye vintage garments that need a new life and they can dye an item to create the perfect finishing touch for an outfit. They also offer an interesting mix of fashion forward clothing, jewelry and accessories. Their 600-square-foot boutique will open with limited hours early in the month and the pair plans to have a grand re-opening and regular hours by June 17. (Check or for updates.)  



Posted on 2017-06-01 by Christine Fellingham