All For Men Threads is a curated menswear line, the brainchild of local contemporary vocalist and rapper Kobe Cam. The artist and fashion designer is due to debut his own additions to the Steven Land line April 23 at a fundraising fashion show and brunch here in Louisville at The Pointe at 1205 E. Washington in Louisville.
His looks are suave and clean. They go from uptown to downtown. Bright colors pop. A bold pattern peeks out from under a lapel. So much of the fun of fashion, especially this time of year in Louisville, is focused on womenswear, but these men’s looks could get some red carpet action. For once, we might hear, “Who’s he wearing?”
If you listen to Kobe Cam’s music, you can tell he’s got grit. He flows and floats, moving from gentle lyricism to bold, intricate rhymes. The words are deep, describing a life that hasn’t been easy, but clearly isn’t going unreflected upon. Just 21 years old, he’s walked a full and interesting path.
If you’re a fan, you might be surprised at the artist’s close relationship to his mother. Four years ago, Tawana Bain’s son asked her why he was having so many more problems than his brother. He struggled with depression and self worth. He ended up in juvenile detention. He was self-destructive. It was heartbreaking to see her sensitive and talented son struggling so hard.
The only answer Bain had for him is that he, like herself, grew up without a father. His brother’s father was in his life, and it had made a big impact. The disparity was starkly apparent. The lack of a father in Kobe’s life had an equal but inverse effect on him. The lack of guidance from a male figure was part of the problem, and Bain saw in him the pain she struggled with growing up fatherless.
“It changed my life,” she says.  She had to do something. She recognized her son’s artistic talent, and knew that purpose in her own life had made the difference, so she pushed that idea further and she started non-profit, faith-based CLIFH, Charity of Love: Increasing Faith & Hope. Their mission is to connect fatherless children with mentors within the community, to foster their blossoming talents in the academic, artistic, and athletic realms. The program started with the youth she wanted and needed to help the most: her son.
Since then, Kobe has connected with a male mentor in the fashion industry and started learning the ropes. With encouragement and support in his artistic pursuits, he has blossomed. The designer is already dressing local luminaries, like Kentucky Senator Morgan McGarvey, entrepreneur Alfred Gerriets, owner of GMeals, John Shaw Woo, and plastic surgeon, Dr. Alex Digenis.

“When I think about the creative process, it allows me to recognize who I am as a person. It allows me to get focused on being stable, being confident, and just overall, able to express myself. I feel that if I can express myself, just through the struggles that I’ve had in my life, it’ll help me in meeting people, being able to open up socially, give back my positive energy to the world,”

Kobe Cam’s inspirations are diverse, people like Steven Landman, Kanye West, and A$AP Rocky. He conceptualizes his work in the fashion realm as, “European James Bond, classy and elegant.” He hopes entertainers in town for the Derby will seek his styling expertise.
This month’s fundraiser will feature a fashion show, a brunch, and a musical performance from Kobe Cam. Money raised will be used to help four other talented, fatherless children start finding guidance and a path to self realization and self expression.  
“The event will be a red carpet affair,” says Bain. “From about 1:30 to 2:00, it’ll be a mixer, mimosas, some edible bites, and at 2:00 p.m., we’ll do a welcome and tell them a little about the charity CLIFH.”
Then comes the fashion show. “We’re doing a Derby, bow-tie affair,” says Bain about the looks that will walk the runway. Afterwards, Kobe Cam will rock the house with a musical performance wearing one his line’s urban looks.

To attend, go to and check out the events page for more information. <

Posted on 2017-04-01 by Kate Sedgwick