You’ve bought the dress. You’ve bought the hat. And you’ve even got matching shoes. But have you stopped to think about what your skin is going to look like in your Derby finest? With a just a few weeks left to go, experts on beauty treatments and medical procedures say there’s still plenty of time to get your Derby shine on. The secret is to start thinking about your options now.
Here are the strategies and procedures they recommend before the big day.

Consult a Dermatologist and/or Plastic Surgeon
Getting advice from a specialist about your skin should be your first stop, said Dr. Julene Samuels, an aesthetic plastic surgeon practicing in Louisville. It’s not enough to go to your local cosmetics counter and buy up the latest upscale moisturizers.  It pays, she said, to have a skincare regimen that is designed for you. “People are often afraid to book an appointment with a plastic surgeon, especially if they aren’t interested in surgery. But in my practice, we work with a lot with patients to help them develop a plan that works for them—their skin, their goals and their budget. For some patients, that is just using the right skin care products. For others, it could be fillers, peels, non-invasive laser treatments, or surgery.”

Consider Cosmeceuticals
Everyone knows you can get fancy creams and serums at your cosmetics store. But did you know that plastic surgeons offer skin care products, too? They offer “cosmeceuticals”—skin care products that pack the potency of prescription-grade medicines. Only available through plastic surgeons, these products require a prescription and feature clinically tested ingredients that promote firmness, plump and moisturize, exfoliate and correct uneven skin tone. “A lot of people think these kind of products are completely unaffordable. But you’d be surprised,” Dr. Samuels said. “Many of the products we offer aren’t any different in price than the high-end products you’d find in a department store case, or at stores like Ulta. The difference is, they work, and they are tailored for you.”

Don’t forget your back  
After hibernating in sweaters all winter, are you sure you are ready for that backless dress? These days, “back facials” are now a thing, giving the skin on your back the same exfoliating, moisturizing loving care your face gets during a facial. “These treatments are popular, because it’s an area you can’t care for by yourself,” said Vycki Goldenberg, franchisee for the St. Matthews, Springhurst and Clarksville, IN Massage Envy. “It’s best to get several treatments, if you can, before Derby.”

Give Your Brows A New Look
Beautiful eyebrows are about so much more than tweezing. If you’ve never had your eyebrows professionally shaped, spring is a great time to start, experts say. “Getting the right look for your eyebrows is an art. We customize brows based on the shape of your face, the thickness of your brow, and the look you want to achieve,” said Marcia Cotner, a franchisee for the European Wax Center in Middletown.

Prepare Your Skin with a Regimen of Facials
All the sources for this story say that regular, professionally administered facials can often be the key to your skin care success, especially in advance of Derby. Professional facials are offered at Samuel’s offices, as well as beauty centers such as Massage Envy. They not only exfoliate and hydrate, but they can help plump and prepare your skin, getting it ready for other procedures such as chemical peels or laser treatments. And, of course, they can make sure your skin is up to par with your big Derby outfit reveal.

Wax away your unwanted hair 
Waxing legs, underarms, facial hair and bikini line are all very popular treatments in advance of Derby, Cotner said. “If you have several areas you want to wax, it is best to call now and put together a plan for getting all the waxing done in several appointments, so you’ll be ready for the big day.”

Look into new facelift alternatives 
For patients wanting to address the affects of aging without facelifts, facial injectibles like Botox and routine fillers have always been the go-to products. And while they are still good for temporary relief, Dr. Samuels said new non-invasive, non-surgical procedures can offer much better, longer-lasting results. Specifically, she recommends Sculptra, a technique that injects poly-L-lactic acid into folds and places that need filling, especially those around the cheeks and eyes, stimulating collagen response that lasts two to four times longer than other treatments. Profound, another procedure, uses micro-needling to deliver controlled radio frequencies, producing new collagen and elastin, for a retexturizing, tightening response that works for larger areas of the face and neck, often mimicking the results of a facelift.

Out with the old skin, in with the new
When it comes to rejuvenating the skin on your face, few things work better than chemical peels, laser and heat/light treatments. They remove the layers of dead skin on your face, forcing new skin to the surface, eliminating the look of fine lines and lessening the appearance of dark spots. Chemical peels are widely available at beauty centers like Massage Envy, as well as your dermatologist and plastic surgeon’s offices, usually with about a three to five day downtime. “Peels are great, but there are other options out there,” Samuels said. “There’s some truly exciting new procedures available now that offer great results with very little downtime. For instance, our Broadband Light (BBL) service offers a photo rejuvenation treatment that heats the tissues underneath the surface, creating a collagen stimulation that can provide very long lasting results.”

Get rid of that stubborn fat
If you have pockets of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise, there is always liposuction. But Samuels said a new non-invasive option, the Ultrashape Power cool laser, can get the job done with around three treatments and a six-week window. The non-surgical regimen usually results in a 32-percent fat reduction in your target areas, she said.

“The key,” Samuels said, “is to be proactive, and plan. Take care of your skin, use the right products and interventions, and you can not only look good on Derby, you can put off having facelifts done for years,” she said.

Posted on 2017-03-01 by Susan Gosselin