So your groom is a Comic-Con regular? He hides comics inside War and Peace? There are many ways to put eyes on the guys and let them enjoy a light-hearted twist on the wedding. Here are ideas to complement your superhero boutonnieres for more wedding day geek chic. If you both share a love of fantasy, turn up the nerd a notch and add more superpower to your wedding planning. 
A word of caution – don’t overdo it, especially if you are having a big wedding. Years from now, you don’t want to look back at your photos laced with capes and masks and say, “What were we thinking?” The secret? Balance. (It all comes back to Yoda, of course.) A few discreet touches and your guests will say “Cool” in a big way. Here are a few secret weapons, compliments will come back to you like Batman’s Batarangs.
The Superhero Within
Lurking beneath all of us is something more powerful and secretive than others see on the surface; that’s what makes life interesting. What better way to symbolize this than having the groomsmen sport hidden hero t-shirts under their wedding day apparel? The big reveal can come on the dance floor after the first dance, and lead to a dance with any damsel in distress (or in this case, damsel in this dress). This idea makes the cutest wedding photos ever, and the guys can have lots of fun 
with it. 
Sock It To Me
Another super photo op will present itself when the guys lift their trouser legs to show they are sporting superhero socks. This is a fun, understated surprise that will keep your guests checking out which villain or hero is lurking among them. And the look is hotter than Iron Man’s suit. 
Tie it Together
Like The Lasso of Truth, superhero and villain cuff links tie the whole theme together. They are readily available in a wide range of prices and are a no brainer for the comic crowd. The combination of these fantasy cuff links, along with the super socks, will double as your groomsmen’s gifts, and that will help the budget. I guarantee they will wear them again and again, and think of you.
Two-Face Wedding Cake
How fun to have a traditional wedding cake with a surprise on the other side as a salute to groom geekdom? Just like Superman opening his shirt onto his alter ego, your cake can reveal its inner hero. On the budget front, the groom’s backside (so to speak) of the cake can double as the groom’s cake, especially when that portion is done in a different flavor. This can save the cost of an additional groom’s cake and be another fun, whimsical surprise for your guests. Your wedding day should be about what you both love, and he will love you even more for having his interests at heart.

Posted on 2016-09-07 by Marsha Koller, Wedding Consultant