Invitations are an important part of any special event. They set the tone for the entire party and build anticipation for the event. If you have been looking for the perfect invitation or invitation suite for your upcoming wedding, shower or party, but have not found exactly what you want, it may be time to consider custom designed invitations. Since custom invitations are specifically designed just for your party, they can be more of an investment than other invitations. Following these few simple tips will help you get the most for your money.
Decide on the Basics
Before you contact a designer to create your invitations, first decide on a few basics for your party. Select the colors and theme for your party. Also decide what type of look you’d like to have. For example, do you want a rustic, modern, glamorous, whimsical or other feel for your party? Making these decisions before finding a designer will also help you decide which designer to use. 
Do Some Research
Once you have a basic idea of how you would like your invitations to look, choosing a designer will be a breeze. Start with recommendations from friends and family. Nothing beats a personal recommendation from a trusted friend when it comes to choosing designers. You can also search potential designers’ social media accounts or websites. Most designers’ style will quickly become evident based on their past work. Make sure to contact potential designers a couple of months before you would like to have the invitations, if possible. Many designers will have to add you to their custom design calendar, and it may take a few days or weeks before they are free to start your project and factor in printing turnaround time. 
Gather as Much Information as Possible
Typically, there are two types of clients who want to order custom invitations. The first group of clients pick a designer because they like that person’s style and just want a custom invitation created for them. This type of client usually doesn’t have a strong opinion about the actual design, they just want something unique. The second group of people who seek out custom design are those who have a specific vision of what they would like. If you are in this second group of people, the best way to ensure you get the design of your dreams is to provide as much information as possible to your designer. One simple, clear way to do this is to create a Pinterest inspiration board to share with the designer. Include pictures of colors, party decorations, invitations and fonts that you like and which fit the theme of your party. You can also add notes to pictures about what aspect of the picture you like. The more information you give to your designer, the better idea they will have of what you would like. 
Create a Plan
After your first conversation with your chosen designer, you should be able to come up with a plan of how the design process will proceed. Before entering into a design relationship consider whether that designer’s time frame and payment process works for you. Ask questions about costs for additional changes to your design. The more questions you ask up front, the fewer surprises you will encounter along the way. 
Following these few tips will ensure you have the most beautiful invitations to fit your party!

Posted on 2016-08-12 by Deanna Talwalkar, Party Planner Extraordinaire