Energy Therapies
Stephen and Kathy Ramsay began developing the idea for a center for alternative health ideas in the summer of 2015 and opened the Lexington Center for Integrative Health (LCIH) on April 7, 2016. The center does not provide traditional medical care, and though it would generally fall under the umbrella of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, it is not an integrative medicine center, but more of a place to support natural health and wellness from a cellular energy aspect. As the Ramsays explained, these other approaches to health and wellness need to be more available and individuals need to become educated related to these ideas and alternative therapies. 
“That is our goal,” said Stephen. “We want to bring valuable energy therapies to this area – to make them available to those who desire to use them – and to educate anyone who desires knowledge related to this type of approach to health.”
Some of these theapies include Scalar Wave Field Therapy, Bio Feedback, Pulse Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMF), an Infrared Sauna and other types of therapies.
The Lexington Center for Integrative Health is not a medical practice or medical office, and should not be seen as a place to receive medical care. Instead, LCIH is a place to find energy therapies that can be part of an individual’s desire to explore alternative approaches to a pursuit of wellness – physical, mental and emotional.
“As we learned about and studied the arena of health and wellness as it relates to cellular energy health, and as we explored various modalities that are designed to support natural health from that approach, we felt that this approach was extremely valuable and should be available for our community.”
The Ramsays want the community to have the opportunity to evaluate, choose and experience integrative health as they make decisions regarding their own personal health and wellness. 
“Most of the therapeutic modalities that are offered at LCIH are new to central Kentucky, and most of these ideas have not even been heard of before by the majority of central Kentuckians. Traditional medical care is very capably and very well represented in this area, but traditional medicine is largely restricted to a biochemical approach to combating health issues and illness conditions.”
While anyone could potentially benefit from time spent at LCIH, the emphasis is on stress reduction, relaxation, and natural health and wellness. The therapeutic modalities offered all orient toward support of the cells natural healing abilities. Some therapies are focused on creating a more ideal internal environment where the cells are enabled to do what they are designed to do in terms of optimizing health.
“If an individual is ready to choose to attempt to balance the craziness and chaos of typical life, our center will reward that decision and help that balance to happen or if an individual is interested in assisting their own body to work toward natural wellness, they will find options here.” 
One of the unique therapies offered at LCIH, the Scalar Wave Field environment, has had a significant effect on many individuals. One late 50’s male stated that being in the Scalar Wave Room has resulted in an amazing degree of decreased inner tension and stress. Another female in her 70’s, with a chronic disease condition that resulted in long standing depression and anxiety as well as generalized physical complaints stated that she had depression and anxiety lifted after just the first 2 hours in the Scalar Wave Room. Positive effects on health and wellness are routinely seen by each of the therapeutic options offered at LCIH.
The Ramsay’s encourage those interested in learning more to visit the center’s website,, and/or to call (859-281-1166) to schedule a time come in for a free tour and orientation.
What is a Scalar Wave Field Room?
LCIH has the first, and only, Scalar Wave Field Room/Energy Enhancement System™ in Kentucky. The Scalar Wave Field Room offers times of escape that allows for a recharge of one’s body and a rejuvenation of cells. The EESystem™ generates multiple bio-active life enhancing energy fields, including “scalar waves,” which can allow cell regeneration, improve immune function, provide relief from pain, detoxify the body, elevate mood and assist in balancing right and left hemispheres of the brain to increase energy levels.
The Good Health People
Since 1973, Roberts Health Foods’ goal has been to help anyone who is trying to achieve better health by providing nutritional information and high quality supplements, services and nutrition. 
“The philosophy at Roberts Health Foods has always been devoted to encouraging and inspiring the individual to take 
responsibility for their own health and future well-being by providing the tools and knowledge for self-empowerment,” said Sybil Skinner.
Roberts Health Foods, a family owned and operated business, has served Kentucky for more 40 years. Sybil Skinner’s father, R. Jack Roberts, started Roberts Health Foods in 1973. Her mother, Teri M. Roberts, took over the business in 1980 and then Sybil took ownership in 2010. 
“I love my job,” said Skinner. “I love seeing people feel the freedom of having good health. I love helping people achieve better health, which is why we call ourselves ‘The Good Health People.’”
Daily she hears success stories of people getting relief from anxiety with natural ingredients or women experiencing menopause have found dramatic improvement with all natural herbs and a better diet or weight loss successes by following Roberts’ food suggestion sheet.
“There are success stories every day of people achieving better health,” said Skinner. “I receive thank you cards from people who have reduced their blood sugar from 400 to 150 in two weeks with all natural solutions. A man who was in a coma woke with compromised movement and mental function. After two weeks of taking high quantities of our high quality fish oil, his motor and mental function drastically improved.”
To learn more about the products and services that Roberts offers, including more information on upcoming health, wellness and environmental lectures, please visit their website:
In the meantime, be well, Kentucky. 
Promoting Better Health Through Understanding
In an effort to promote ‘Better Health through Understanding,’ the products and services at Roberts Health Foods are designed to prevent disease, slow the aging process and restore the body to wellness explained Sybil Skinner, owner. Roberts features a full line of vitamins, minerals, herbs, homeopathic, proteins, books, cosmetics as well as a variety of foods for healthy living including. At Roberts, one can find:
- A high-quality private label line at everyday low prices
- vitamins
- minerals
- bottled herbs, bulk herbs and herbal extracts
- proteins and sports supplements
- weights loss products
- homeopathic remedies
- aromatherapy products
- flower essences
- healing stones
- books
- all-natural pet foods and supplies
- biodegradable and environmentally friendly cleaning products
- and personal care items for natural and safe dental, hair and skin care. 


Posted on 2016-07-14 by Sarah Boerkircher