Before all eyes will be on you, your guests’ eyes will be on your wedding aisle, awaiting your arrival. Make your aisle stunning with a modern take on the rose petal scattered aisle. How? Ombré style! This look is fabulous and your guests will be enthralled as they enter the sanctuary or ceremony area to be seated. 
Ombré Carpeted Aisles
A beautiful rose-petaled aisle style is to create an ombré design, completely covering every inch of your aisle in rose petals in planned, graduated swaths of color. Ombré is, in essence, the gradual changing of colors or hues from lightest to darkest, or in this case blending rose petal colors next to the most subtle color change in one endless wash of petals. As you walk down the aisle, you will blend the colors together even more, creating your own custom color palette. The great thing about starting off with an ombré effect is that many times this is what you end up with after your train has worked its way over a more elaborate design. 
Seating Arrangements to Keep Your Petals Undisturbed
In order to maintain this look for your wedding party and to ensure your wedding party is framed in photos by your ombré effect, guest seating planning is essential. Your guests must be seated from the far sides of the aisle, from the outside in. This leaves a walk down the center aisle until the ceremony, preserving your rose petal artistry. You also may want to seat grandmothers a little earlier to get them in their aisle seat, and fill in with family immediately afterwards.
Your Personal Palette
Choosing the right rose colors to fit the your wedding theme colors in gradually changing hues will be more complicated than ordering boxes of roses from a wholesale club unless you stick to pinks. This will probably require your florist ordering roses in your color choices and de-petaling them for you the old fashioned way…one at a time. But you will achieve the most subtle color variations and in the end the boldest ombré look. 
Ombré is Picture Perfect for Outdoor Weddings
For more natural, rustic or boho weddings, the ombré aisle perfectly fits into your motif. It also helps to have grass under your design if you end up with a windy day for a little staying power. But the cool feature about ombré rose petal aisles is that they don’t have to be perfect, and the effects after the walk up and down the aisle will just lend itself to your unique design.


Posted on 2016-06-16 by Marsha Koller, Wedding Consultant