Wedding flowers make your wedding look rich and beautiful, while either adding a pop of color to a white palette, or providing a romantic look in soft creams and blush. But you can add extra oomph to your floral plan by adding mounds of rose petals in your floral design. With this simple touch, it can make your wedding look absolutely grand. You may think this would cost a fortune, but it doesn’t, and it looks so rich. 
Aisle Style
Customary wedding aisles feature just a light scattering of rose petals by a flower girl. This tradition dates back to Elizabethan times, when a bride followed a path of rose petals from her home to the village church. You can turn this tradition up a notch by lining both sides of the aisle with masses – not a mere scattering – of rose petals. Your guests will be seated from the outside to keep your petal design undisturbed, and to leave the aisle all to you. This is a great look and adds a lot for a little, compared to aisle arrangements. If it works in the budget, combining piles of petals with aisle arrangements or candles is a delight.
Mounds of Rose Petals Create a Focal Point
Draw the eye to important ceremony areas. Especially if you don’t opt for an opulent altar or arbor, a deep carpet of rose petals can be a glorious foundation for taking your vows. If you need a walkway at your venue, create one with thick petals, for your own secret garden. Beautiful, simple and classic.
DIY and Save
How can this be done and not break the budget? That can be answered in two words: wholesale club. Bulk rose petals can be ordered online through wholesale clubs that offer flowers. They can be shipped to you or delivered to their local brick and mortar. Rose petals come in a variety of colors and color combinations, and are surprisingly affordable, coming in lots of 5,000 petals for about $88. How many you need depends on where you want to use them, from tabletops, down staircases, on mantles, or just down the aisle. One of my brides used 20,000 rose petals and the look was simply spectacular. 
Work with Your Florist
Many florists provide rose petals just the way you would expect, by individually removing petals from long stem roses. Be sure to ask if it’s ok with your florist, but you can self-purchase the petals and let them do the artistry. However, it is so easy to do this part yourself, because natural is the look you want. 

Posted on 2016-05-16 by Marsha Koller