Your wedding photography is one of your most important wedding day choices. The photos that result are important not only to immortalize the day, but also to show the bride and groom the many moments they may have missed while greeting guests. A great addition to your wedding photo memories is the addition of a photo booth. Your photo booth can result in some of the most interesting photos, and serves as an additional entertainment venue for your guests. Planned out right, your wedding photo booth can be the hit of your reception.
Rented Photo Booths: Either available through your photographer, or rented from a vendor, these mechanical photo booths are reminiscent of the old school retail photo booths that resulted in a fun strip of black and whites. Now you get an instant, festive sheet of color photos of your guests’ silly “behind the curtain” antics. These run a minimum of $500, but the instant photos can double as both the favor and fun. 
Frame Gallery Photo Booth: Especially if your venue is outside and you have grand trees to work with, hanging large vintage frames that guests can stand behind is clever and so simple. Distress your frames to have a worn and vintage look if they aren’t already – the rougher the better. Your photos look best if the frames share a consistent element. My favorite is a light whitewash over old frames, then hit with sandpaper to bring out the base colors. Old frames will be easier to source and cheaper if you aren’t picky about their condition.
Backdrop Photo Booths: Choose a creative backdrop that works with your reception theme. You can have your photographer take the shots and provide instant photos, or just let guests do it themselves with their phones. You can go all out with a painted backdrop that features your new name, but sometimes simple is simply the best. Great backdrops can be as simple as shabby chic old doors, artfully positioned.
The All Important Props: Props are what make the photo booth fun. Bring a few fun props that are ‘you’. If you are a superfan of a specific genre – from Star Wars to Disney to Downton Abbey – bring props that are fun and will speak to what your interests were at the time of your wedding. Superhero masks and light sabers, vintage hats and fake mustaches, tiaras and top hats. Some brides get crafty with word bubbles and masks on sticks. You know your guests best and know what they will enjoy. If you don’t want campy photos, ditch the props and your photo booth will set the stage for great group photos and selfless selfies.
Zero Budget Ideas: Just get creative. Look for a photogenic corner at your venue. Make a cute sign with your Instagram hashtag, Facebook page or wedding website address. Bring in something simple for a backdrop. Bring props that you already own that speak to your hobbies or lifestyle like your sports gear, for example. You will enjoy what comes out of this simple idea immensely, and they will significantly add to your wedding memories. It’s a “snap”, and you won’t regret this little bit of extra effort.

Posted on 2016-04-09 by Marsha Koller