Outdoor ceremonies top many brides’ wish lists these days – along with crossed fingers and a prayer that the weather cooperates. So many modern churches no longer have a beautiful, traditional sanctuary or even a chapel to host a nice ceremony in. At the same time nothing is more simple than an outdoor ceremony. But you can make your outdoor vows beautiful by thinking outside of the box and doing more than just rows of chairs in a field. Beautifully chosen chairs help, but the arrangement can steal the show with any type of seat. Seating arrangements take on a whole new meaning when you consider these ideas.

Seating With a Twist
If you have a smaller number of guests, or if you are doing a destination wedding in a land far, far away, arranging your outdoor ceremony seating in a spiral is magical. What I like best about this is that the bride and her father walk past every guest to get to the altar, giving everyone a prized “aisle seat”. Repeat the motif with flower petals along the line of seating to reinforce the spiral design. The look is so sweet and special.

Circular Seating
Another creative seating arrangement that I love is a double semi-circular design allowing guests to intimately surround the bride and groom. This seating arrangement brings your guests closer to the altar, and almost seems to make them part of the wedding vows themselves. It also allows for a larger number of guests. In this case, you may choose a bride’s side and a groom’s side, with the bride’s side now on the right. This way, the bride’s friends and family can see the face of their girl during the ceremony, and vice versa for the groom. Love it!

Angled Seating In the Round
With a large guest list, angling seats at each corner makes your layout interesting. This creative layout allows for four points of entry, where your bridesmaids, groomsmen, mothers of the bride and minister can mix it up for interest. You can choose to use a runner or just embrace grass scattered with petals. If you choose a runner with this layout, it looks nice to use it in all the aisle ways. When you take this “angle”, there is not a bad seat in—or outside—of the house.

Ceremony Seating Takes the Décor Lead
Your ceremony seating will be some of the first wedding décor that your guests see, so let it make a statement. There are many creative ways to play with seating, and we will take a look at some great ideas in future issues.

Posted on 2016-03-07 by Marsha Koller