Buckle up, Big Blue Nation.  Make sure your seat belts are fastened and your seat is locked in the upright position. Get your bourbon supply stocked. Practice up on your beer keg tapping skills. Make sure your high blood pressure prescription is filled. Double check with your boss that the days you requested off in March were approved. If your boss welches and demands you work, quit. Do you really want to work for a boss like that? I didn’t think so. BBN life is too short and sweet to waste on a demon boss like that, anyway. You’ll thank me later.
It’s a Bluegrass Tradition unlike any other, Wildcats fans. It’s March Madness time! Get your freak on!
Many a Blue Moon has passed since college basketball has seen a wide open field like the one we’ll see starting the second week of March. Every team expected in the field of 68 has a legitimate shot of handing out an upset or two. For every strength a team has, there is a corresponding weakness that many a team can expose on the road to Upset City. This year, more than ever, rankings and seeding don’t mean diddly squat. The name on the jersey doesn’t hold the clout as years past. Either you bring it and advance, or don’t and go home. This mantra is what makes March Madness the greatest sporting event every year. 

Here are My Thoughts and Predictions for March Madness 2016 

  • Kentucky HAS to get healthy. Alex Poythress, Marcus Lee, and Derek Willis are hobbled, hurt, in pain, or on the knee and ankle donor list. For Kentucky to advance as far as they can, getting each back on the court at 100% is paramount. 
  • That said, Kentucky’s injuries have helped build depth. Raise your hand if you thought Isaac Humphries would end up being a solid contributor this season. Now, put your hand down, because you are lying. While UK’s aforementioned frontcourt has been decimated, the Aussie has provided quality minutes and will be ready to step up when his number is called. The same can be said for Charles Matthews. 
  • On that same note, give big Isaac a hug when you see him. The Texas A&M game is OVER, people. Let it go. Humphries will learn and move on. One time in 5th grade, I got so excited in dodge ball, I accidentally spiked the girl I had a crush on in the face. You learn and you move on. 
  • When it comes to your brackets, don’t bet heavy on Villanova. They’ve been high seeds and early outs the past three years. Pick them to advance far at your own peril.
  • I like Oklahoma and Buddy Hield, North Carolina and Marcus Paige, West Virginia and Huggy Bear, and our beloved Kentucky Wildcats to make it to the Final Four.
  • Depending on match-ups, it’s a crap shoot as to who will cut the nets and hang a national championship banner. 
  • Why these teams? Buddy Hield will be the National Player of the Year. Marcus Paige and the rest of North Carolina has talent, depth, and experience. West Virginia defends better than anyone in the country, and it is hard to bet against Huggy Bear in the post season. 
  • Why Kentucky? Tyler Ullis and Jamal Murray. Plain and simple. They are the best backcourt in the country. If Kentucky can get slightly above average play from its front court, our Boys in Blue will be hard to handle. 
  • But like I said, ANYONE can win the title this year. Buckle up, Go Big Blue, and enjoy the show.

Posted on 2016-03-05 by Drew Johnson