Simple wedding centerpieces aren’t the only place to artistically and creatively communicate your wedding’s rustic vibe. A fabulous and very simple element to incorporate in your reception décor is to decorate with rough-hewn wood. It is the epitome of natural. If you have some strong, handy help, plus a little creativity, the look is simple and wonderful.
Any Way You Slice it
Adding wood slices to your rustic décor is the easiest way to add wooden touches and rustic charm. The uses are endless; literally elevating or lifting up your décor or food, acting as a foundation or plate for your wedding cake, or acting as place cards. Since most rustic weddings have outdoor venues, place rough wood slices on the ground so your bridesmaids’ heels don’t sink in the dirt. This is totally clever and will make darling photos. Be creative and you will come up with tons of uses for wood slices, and they will tie all your rustic elements together.
Decorating with Wood from the Floor Up
Décor doesn’t just have to be tabletop. A magnificent large statement piece or arrangement placed on the floor in a key location, such as by a stairway or at your reception entryway, will catch every eye. Large wood pieces, artfully arranged, can make your reception feel like you’ve walked into an authentic working barn or woodland gathering place. Mixing other media with the wood can set it off to look like an art piece.
Wooden Accents for I Do’s and Dancing
Large beautiful pieces made of wood and covered in flowers are the perfect anchor for settings where you say your vows or that surround the dance floor for everyone to enjoy all night. Get double duty out of the same large wooden decorations that you use during your ceremony by having them moved – as discretely as possible – to your reception area during your photo taking time. This works best, of course, if you are having the wedding and reception in the same location. Most of your guests won’t even realize they are the same pieces they saw during the ceremony. It ties your theme together and saves you money. 
Let the Wood Do the Talking
Tie your woodsy décor together by utilizing wood pieces and slices to communicate to your guests. This could include posting special sayings, presenting your menu, listing the options at your bar, or using them as table numbers for seating. To write on a wood slice, simply paint the flat side with black chalkboard paint – two coats  is a must, three is best – and use white chalk to express yourself. It’s all in the telling.

Posted on 2016-02-01 by Marsha Koller