Not many people get the opportunity to make an impact on the community where
they grew up. For Chris and Christi Mack, that’s become a reality.

Chris grew up in Cincinnati while Christi grew up in Louisville. The two started the Mack Family Foundation in Cincinnati, when Chris was the head coach for the Xavier men’s basketball program. They’ve continued growing the organization in Louisville, where Chris has coached since 2018.

“Chris and I both grew up in households where we gave back to, whether it was our school, our community, our church … so I really felt like the foundation had been set with both of us as we were growing up, as far as giving back to the community that we lived in,” Christi said about the origins of the foundation. “So we knew when our girls had gotten to the age of seven and eight that they were very capable of understanding the privileges that they had, that our family had, and the responsibilities that they had to give back to the community that we lived in.”

The foundation aims to enrich the local youth through programs focused on education, food security and literacy. Perhaps their biggest program is Coach Mack’s Corner, which allows the foundation to partner with local schools to transform one corner of their library with colorful furniture, murals, and new books. The organization has started a total of 11 Coach Mack’s Corners – five in Cincinnati and six so far in Louisville.

“I think it’s important for our kids to see that we live a very blessed life,” Christi said. “With all the wonderful things that come with Chris’s job, it is a responsibility we have to serve and give back to our community.”

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