Hope Scarves was founded in 2012 by Lara MacGregor, cancer survivor and the leader of this nonprofit that collects scarves and stories from people who have gone through cancer treatment and want to pass on their messages of hope and encouragement to others. More than 17,000 Hope Scarves have been sent to people facing over 90 types of cancer in every state and 26 countries, and $700,000 has been raised for metastatic breast cancer (MBC) research.

Hope Scarves held a virtual “outLIVING Cancer” fundraiser worldwide May 22-23 and at Seneca Park in Louisville, as an international day of joyful activities, including biking, soccer, tennis, yoga, playing cornhole, and more. In light of Lara’s stage 4 breast cancer progression and start of IV chemotherapy, outLIVING Cancer gives all individuals the chance to live life over cancer, no matter their abilities, age, and location. The goal for the event was to raise $75,000, which was almost doubled thanks to 35 teams, 266 participants, and 1,332 donors from 33 states who contributed $131,200 to Hope Scarves and MBC research.

“I’m continuing to hold both joy and fear in the same hand at the same time. As I adjust to concerning health changes, outLIVING Cancer was a beautiful example of the en- thusiasm of our community,” Lara said. "We were blown away by the amount of support we received and so excited to see all of the great activities that individuals and teams participated in throughout the weekend. Thank you to those who donated, volunteered, and shared all the activities you did that brought you joy. Today and every day we OutLIVE cancer.”

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