Solitaire, crazy eights, gin rummy, hearts, Texas hold ‘em—your favorite card games are more entertaining and educational with

your own deck of Kentucky to the World play- ing cards. KTW released a limited edition of 1,000 decks in May 2021, the first deck in an on- going series. All 52 cards are “face cards,” fea- turing the faces of extraordinary people with Kentucky roots, from actors and musicians to authors and industry leaders. Each portrait was illustrated by Louisville artist August Northcut, who is also a KTW team member.

Kentucky to the World is a nonprofit or- ganization based in Louisville that boosts awareness of Kentucky’s positive impact across the United States and around the world by sharing the stories of contemporary individuals that have strong ties to Kentucky. Founded in 2012, KTW shares Kentucky’s im- pact with the world by way of blogs and video content, interactive exhibits and live speaker events, and through programs on Kentucky

Educational Television. KET is broadcast- ing Kentucky to the World shows on 16 sta- tions and streaming on their website. KET also reaches into parts of seven other states. “This partnership is truly a game-changer for Kentucky to the World, and we’re proud to be able to help provide KET with import- ant programming that promotes the best our state has to offer,” says Shelly Zegart, presi- dent and CEO of Kentucky to the World.

Proceeds from the playing cards help KTW continue its support of “the artists, writers, thinkers and game changers who are dedi- cated to elevating the narrative of Kentucky on the world stage,” according to Shelly.

Make plans to attend KTW’s next live event, “A Journal for Jordan: Dana Canedy’s Heartrending Journey to the Silver Screen,” on Oct. 4 at Kentucky Performing Arts’ Bom- hard Theater. And purchase your deck of cards at 

Posted on 2021-07-09 by Kathie Stamps