It’s never too late in the year to take stock of your health and get in shape. Schedule those important checkups and screenings and consult with your doctor about fitness programs and treatments. Our annual Medical & Wellness issue kicks off with experts in functional medicine, yoga, and aquatics.

Rejuv Medical Louisville 

Chronic conditions such as autoimmune disease, fatigue, neuropathy, thyroid disorders, and joint pain can be chal- lenging to diagnose and treat through conven- tional Western medical treatments that often only mask systems without res- olution. Dr. John Baird of Rejuv Medical Louisville specializes in integrated functional medicine and hormone replacement therapy to treat the root cause of the issue. “Louis- ville has been slow to adopt functional medicine,” says Dr. Baird. “With your in- surance card, doctors will treat you for being sick and are adept at writing prescriptions. But here we get at the root cause, not cover it up. Once we bal- ance the hormones and fix the gut, we are clearing up the problem.” 

John Baird, MD, is a local Louisvillian from Fern Creek. He grew up with an organic garden and a love of sports, contributing to his interests in holistic healing and non-operative sports medicine. Dr. Bairdearned his medical degree from the Uni- versity of Louisville School of Medicine and completed his Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation residency at Virginia Com- monwealth. He is board-certified in an- ti-aging medicine, functional medicine, and regenerative medicine and holds cer- tifications in osteopathy and acupuncture. “My tool belt is full, so I can help those no one else can - like a detective doctor...” Dr. Baird has practiced functional med- icine for over twenty years and evaluated over 15000 women and men using a pa- tient-centered, holistic approach, often involving natural hormone replacement therapy. Hormone replacement therapy treats some fertility issues, menopause, andropause, and other hormone imbal- ances, which result in weight gain, fatigue, sexual dysfunction, thyroid disorder, and 

With natural treatments and a healthy diet, lifestyle, and exercise changes to reduce systemic inflammation, Dr. Baird successful- ly gets patients off multiple medications and reverses neuropathy with 90% efficacy. “In- flammation is often behind the major lead- ing causes of death.” Dr. Baird is one of only two osteopaths in Louisville who do adjust- ments to the entire body.

Rejuv Medical Louisville was one of the first medical practices in Louisville to offer Red Light Therapy for Contour Body Sculpt- ing. Following an evaluation of body com- position, inflammation, and cell health, the safe, effective treatment removes fat with no pain, surgery, or downtime. A simple urine test with 76 different markers allows Dr. Baird to “evaluate for an optimal balance of the digestive system” to fix the gut internally. “With the digestive system in a happy place, every symptom goes away.”

As a concierge doctor for functional inte- grated medicine, Dr. Baird offers personal attention with no wait. He will often spend at least a full hour with his patients at each visit and shares his cell phone number. Rejuv Medical Louisville is a cash-only clinic with affordable rates, financing, and free, sched- uled 15-minute phone consultations. Red Light Therapy is currently on special at $89 for two visits.

For an inside look, as well as an abun- dance of testimonials from happy patients, visit Dr. Baird’s brand new Facebook group - Louisville Wellness Club at facebook.com/ groups/louisvillewellnessclub. Just for join- ing Louisville Wellness Club, you’ll get access to a members-only Summer Special to test- drive the state-of-the-art Contour Light®, awesome offers, and promos! Look at these amazing before-and-afters from just a sin- gle session of Contour Light®. And there are more who have seen the same results or bet- ter in their very first session.

Baptist Health/ Milestone Wellness Center

Voted Best Fittness Club of Louisville by multiple local publications, Baptist Health/Milestone Wellness Center offers a wide range of classes, programs, equip- ment, and facilities for all ages and fitness levels. The yoga and aquatics programs have something for everyone, whether you are just beginning an exercise program or seeking advanced instruction and practice. Yoga Instructor Rebecca Wine and Aquatics Direc- tor Mary Duke Connell shared highlights of their respective programs and their overall health and wellness impact.

Rebecca Wine pointed out the variety of yoga classes available at Milestone, “We teach to all levels and for who is in the class at that moment. Yoga offers relaxation, strength, and balance. And ours is a well-rounded pro- gram.” Rebecca has been a fitness instructor for 30 years and has been teaching yoga for 28. She is a US Yoga Alliance RYT® 200, Reg- istered Yoga Teacher with 200-hour Yoga 

Teacher Training Certification. In addition to yoga, Rebecca does personal training and teaches other fitness classes full-time.

Yoga is particularly beneficial for an “un- derstanding of the body and body aware- ness,” helping with mobility and stability of the joints. The resulting gains in strength and balance can help prevent devastating injuries. “Yoga provides relaxation and de- stresses. In class, I can just feel the stress leaving their bodies. It is proven science that yoga lowers blood pressure.”

Rebecca teaches Vinyasa Yoga which is an excellent cardio workout as well. “Fol- lowing the pandemic, I know most people were stressed out. At Milestone, we helped our members deal with that.” For more in- formation on Milestone Wellness Center yoga classes, visit baptistmilestone.com/ group-exercise/class-schedule.

Aquatics Director Mary Duke Connell leads Milestone’s award-winning Aquatics Pro- gram that offers so much more than swim- ming laps. Virtually any form of exercise can be performed in or adapted for the water. “It works your entire body at the same time.” Under Mary’s leadership, the program has won the following United States Water Fit- ness Association Awards: #1 Aquatic Program in the US, #1 Aquatic Wellness Center in the US, #1 Aquatic Exercise Program in the US, #1 

Adapted Aquatics Program in the US (Special Programs), #1 Water Walking Program in the US, #2 Fitness, Person Training, and Physi- cal Therapy Program in the US, and #3 Top Aquatic Director in the US.

“I began swimming at age three and nev- er looked back!” says Mary. She was on swim teams, served as a lifeguard, participated in synchronized swimming, and has taught hundreds of swim lessons, lifeguarding, and swim safety programs. “I even qualified to be a Playboy Bunny Synchronized Swimmer!”

Mary enjoys helping members achieve their goals such as recovering from injuries or joint replacement, weight loss, disease management, fitness, personal training, and more. “Water exerts far more pressure on your muscles than air does, allowing in- creased strengthening as you move through the water.” Aquatic exercise offers “increased

flexibility, swelling and injury recovery, bal- ance training, aerobic capacity” and reduc- es stiffness. “Swimming builds endurance, strength, and cardiovascular health with no impact or stress on your joints. Swimming can be a wonderful way to lose weight and maintain a healthy heart.”

Milestone offers private swimming lessons for children and adults and group infant/ toddler and adult classes. Visit baptistmile- stone.com/aquatics/class-schedule for more information.

Join Baptist Health/Milestone Wellness Center at baptistmilestone.com and follow @BaptistMilestone on Facebook and Insta- gram. 

Posted on 2021-07-09 by Dawn Anderson