With families spending more time at home over the past year and more people working from home, remodeling is big business with stone and slab fabricators busier than ever! “Fortunately, the stone industry hasn’t seen the price surges that have occurred with other materials like wood,” says Marty Leet of ELeet Stone Countertops. Marty’s wife Tracy represents the third (going on fourth!) generation in the family business of stone countertops. ELeet is named after the “E” in “Eryn” - their daughter’s name - combined with their last name. Eryn is already involved in the Leet family business, and Marty is hopeful that their son Carson will follow suit.

Tracy Leet’s grandfather, her father Bob McDonald, and brother Mark were in the business before Tracy branched out on her own in October 2004 with Marty, who has a sales and marketing background. “Once customers and suppliers hear Tracy discussing stone, they realize she really knows what she’s talking about. She even puts me in my place sometimes with her knowledge.” Tracy traveled with her father and stepmother to Brazilian quarries to hand-select stone shipped over to the US in containers. Although quartz and porcelain are fine materials for thicker-looking, mitered waterfall edges,” Marty says, “Natural stone (such as granite, marble, quartzite, or dolomite) is timeless and has a natural beauty.”

ELeet is “a one-stop-shop for design work, selecting materials, templates, fabrication, and installation.” According to Marty, ELeet does “high-end, quality custom work, not cookie-cutter. It says on the side of the trucks, ‘Relationships Built In Stone.’ Our salespeople are also project managers and designers who manage every step from edge detail and seams to placement, sinks, and backsplashes. We are not after the typical Home Depot and Lowe’s projects. We are a smaller husband-and-wife operation that truly cares about the end product.” When a higher production business ran into “too intricate of a job,” they consulted with suppliers to find a better fit for the client and turned to ELeet Stone Countertops. “We help each other out,” says Marty."

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