Wolford Built Homes was started by Ron Wolford in 1974. Together with his wife, artist Martha Wolford of Wolford Construction and Design (created in 2008), Martha’s reputation for “superior craftsmanship of luxury homes” has continued to grow. “We have won every major building-associated award, are the only local builder to be featured on MTV Cribs, and are a regular Best of Houzz award winner as voted on by over 25 million (monthly Houzz users),” says Mar- tha. She also served as the Marketing Director for Wolford Built Homes.

Martha Wolford created Wolford Construction and Design “to address the void in the market of luxury remodeling” and “has taken top honors for her creative floor plans and remodeling expertise.” She received her education at Parsons Paris, University of Florence in Italy, and Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Martha grew up in Anchorage, Kentucky, in “an equine-loving household devoted to showing horses.”

For the last 18 months, Martha has been working with a local homeowner to turn “a traditional, classical home into an 8000 square foot contemporary with breathtaking spaces and soaring ceilings.” For Martha, “It was the project of a lifetime, the most challenging I have ever done, and the most dramatic transformation - bright colors, exotic cabinets, unique tile. Most fun I have ever had!”

Martha explains more about her process. “My involvement and attention are paramount. From initial ideas to floor plans to final finishes, I am involved 110% of the way. I think I care about these homes as much as the client does! As an artist, I bring a fresh perspective to a traditional craft. I also go about a project with a lot of time spent planning, making decisions, and ordering selections. It is our goal to make the building and design process the least invasive it can be with no downtime.” With Martha on the project, the client doesn’t have to worry. “That’s what I do. We have a team that can handle every scenario. We are pros and have experts in every step of the building process.”

Hands-free home living is a current trend that Martha sees as a long-term shift in home design. “From faucets to lighting, a focus on germ-free living will continue. Simply wave to turn on and off.” Although the technology is not new, app-operated living with smart devices has taken the trend further to control lighting, heating, and entertainment. Louisville area homeowners are also looking to “redefine current spaces for our shift in living with an emphasis on personal space,” expand exterior spaces to make the most of patios and porches, and update kitchens and baths.

“I want to continue to work with specialty remodels, says Martha. “I love creating spaces and want the client to be in love with their home again.” As for new construction, “We have recently joined forces with builder Jon Boone who is known for his incredible craftsmanship and construction techniques.” According to Martha, they both “bring a keen knowledge of design trends and interpersonal relationship skills” and “promise to be a formidable pair in creating Louisville’s architectural icons of tomorrow.”

Posted on 2021-05-01 by Dawn Anderson