Megan Delande was in her first year of high school at Kentucky Country Day School when quarantine started in March 2020. Her father works in technology for a local hospital system and she quickly saw how important all the frontline workers were. She looked for something she could do to help them. “I knew a simple gesture would be impactful,” she said.

She created Snack Sacks for Good, using the color orange in the logo for its cheerful properties. Each bag contains single-serve snacks like applesauce, a protein bar or granola, something salty and crunchy, a sweet treat, and “an inspirational message of hope, health, and encouragement from me to remind the heroes that their work is appreciated.”

Megan’s first delivery of 100 Snack Sacks for Good was funded from money she had earned babysitting prior to the pandemic. Louisville Water Company has since donated their “Louisville pure tap” reusable bottles of water for the Snack Sacks 

so recipients can maintain healthy hydration practices.

In the first year, Megan and her team (aka family and friends) hand-assembled 2,150 Snack Sacks for Good and delivered to 19 places, including hospitals, companies, and organizations. Along with her focus on health care and essential workers, Megan made Snack Sacks for homeless and displaced community members. Thanks to donations, she has been able to add things like oral hygiene products, pencils, gloves, and socks.

As a member of the class of 2023, Megan is an aspiring health care provider herself. “I’m into biological sciences,” she said, “and I feel it is important to give back to the community.”

You can support Megan’s project at

Posted on 2021-04-01 by Kathie Stamps