This year Digs Home and Garden in Chenoweth Square is celebrating their 20th anniversary, which Owner Ben Palmer-Ball believes is “an achievement given all we’ve been through.” In a highly competitive home and garden market like Louisville, longevity is truly a blessing. “It’s a testament to the people who shop and work here. They are all friends and family. Thanks to them, we build on our success each year.”

Ben Palmer-Ball grew up on a farm and has always loved the outdoors. “I enjoy working outside and getting my hands dirty.” Digs Home and Garden be- gan as a specialty garden boutique offering heirloom seeds, garden tools, pots, and planters. When Ben started to realize that not everyone enjoyed digging in the dirt quite as much as he did, he capitalized on his training as an architect and the outdoor-living aesthetic he observed during his time in California. Digs Home and Garden made a shift to include outdoor furniture and home decor. “I listened to the voices of my customers. It’s not just about selling a product. We’re selling service as well.”

In selecting outdoor furniture for Digs, Ben chooses product lines that reflect Louisville’s unique taste.

“I carefully curate and do the research for quality products that will last. We offer personalized service and stand behind those products, often beyond any warranty that might already be attached.” Top outdoor furniture vendors for Digs Home and Garden include:

BROWN JORDAN - for luxury, designer collections featuring contemporary and traditional options

SUMMER CLASSICS - a broad collection of materials and styles offered ‘a la carte’ or in full ensembles

LANE VENTURE - Sophisticated yet comfortable designs with many fully upholstered outdoor options

KINGSLEY BATE - teak, woven, and all-weather furniture sensibly scaled, ideal for older homes’ porches.

Digs Home and Garden patio furniture and accessories feature various materials, fabrics, and textures to layer, mix, and match. Ben understands that not everyone purchases all of their outdoor furniture all at once. Owning quality pieces built to last means you may be unable to find an exact match when you do wish to acquire additional pieces or sets. The ability to find something that complements instead of matches is a specialty of Digs Home and Garden experts.

Louisville may not always be on the cutting edge of patio furniture trends and colors. Still, that pace just behind the curve reflects the traditional, Southern charm that makes Louisville homes so inviting and welcoming. Regular Digs Home and Garden customers tend to shop at least seasonally to scope out the latest accessories to give their outdoor living spaces fresh, mini-makeovers. A trend that Ben has his eye on is padded slings or weaves that can eliminate the need for cushions and cushion maintenance.

“The pandemic is a perfect time to assess your current outdoor furniture and replace or update to be comfortable at home this spring and summer, and gather responsibly in the open air,” advises Ben. Order, custom order, or buy right off the floor. “Digs also offers in-home design consultation, set-up, and delivery services.” For more information, visit and follow @digshomeandgarden on Facebook.

Posted on 2021-03-01 by Dawn Anderson