When Sallie and Clay Stevens bought their Tyler Park house several years ago, they knew they would need to have the patio reconfigured. They hired Joshua Myers, landscape architect and owner of Myers + Co. Landscape Architecture. In 2017, Josh had done a new walk, parking area, and landscape project for their neighbors David and Bruce. “We had admired the work as the project progressed and thought it was well done,” says Sallie.

The existing patio at the Stevens house had been walled-in by a dilapidated privacy fence; the patio itself was too narrow and didn’t make full use of the side yard, and there was virtually no green space. Josh started the design process with the Stevenses in October of 2019. Construction began in December and everything was finished in April of 2020. Myers + Co. Landscape Architecture created a sense of privacy from the adjacent road in a way so that Sallie and Clay wouldn’t feel closed in. To create a dining space and separate sitting area, Josh installed a custom bluestone patio. A new raised-stone planter and a necessary stone retaining wall encircling the patio both serve as a seat bench to provide additional seating options.

“The landscape also played a significant role in this project to give the outdoor living space a nice balance between hard-scapes and nature,” says Josh. “We planted three Eastern Redbud trees along the perimeter of the patio that will give them a nice buffer and seasonal interest while they are enjoying their outdoor space.”

Clay and Sallie were blown away by Josh’s design of the space. “He did a great job listening to what we wanted but also with coming up with ideas that we would never have imagined,” she says. “He had an amazing vision of what the space could be, and his design was creative and made use of every inch.”

Sallie’s favorite part of the outdoor living space is the custom bluestone patio. “I think of it as a work of art with all of the pieces fitting together perfectly,” she says. “It is really beautiful, and the colors of the stone complement our 1920s brick house so well.”

Now their outdoor living space is larger and more usable, with plenty of opportunity to enjoy nature. “I also love the patio’s overall feel,” Sallie says. “Even though we have a privacy fence, the space feels very open.”

The company of Myers + Co. Landscape Architecture started in January 2016. Emily Weber and Chris Beaulieu round out the team of three with Josh Myers. As a design-build firm, they do both: design projects and build them with their team of talented contractors, particularly outdoor spaces. “We place a lot of emphasis on the initial design phase so our clients have a clear vision of their project,” says Josh. “We try to encourage our clients to think long-term by developing a comprehensive master plan for their property so it evolves into a cohesive series of outdoor spaces over time.”

Over the past five years, Josh has been pleased to see people investing more resources in their outdoor living spaces. “Our clients want their outdoor space to feel like an extension of the home,” he says, “with more amenities like built-in kitchens, fire pits, and covered patios.”

Spring is, of course, a great time to get your own garden ready for the year. “Just be cautious as to what you might be pruning or cutting back in early spring,” says Josh. “Plant maintenance and care vary from plant to plant. If you are not careful you can trim off your spring flower display.”

The best time to start planning a project is several months before you would anticipate starting construction. “It does take time to work through the design and budgeting process to get the project ready for construction.”

Clay and Sallie Stevens have enjoyed their outdoor living remodel for almost a year. “We also love the addition of the landscape elements inside the fenced area so that we can really enjoy them,” says Sallie. “We loved working with Josh. He is very dependable and does high-quality work. He’s also a great guy.”

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Posted on 2021-03-01 by Kathie Stamps