Jason Wade founded Parkside Realty in 2014 on the principle of “helping clients simplify the process and take the ever-dangerous emotions out” of the largest personal investment of their lives. “Buying a home is a romantic experience for many buyers, as they fall in love with a particular home. We focus on educating the client and removing emotions and subjectivity to ensure clients are making stronger, smarter real estate investment decisions that help them build equity and enjoy the lifestyle they desire. Parkside features some of the highest production per associate in the metropolitan area for what is considered a small, boutique real estate brokerage. The root of that growth comes from the diverse set of skills and experience on our roster.”

Top producing Parkside agent Jacob Gurney exemplifies the passion that drives results. He produces $12-15 million annually yet still finds time to mentor the newer agents on the importance of being a full-service Parkside agent. “Real estate is more than a career; it’s a lifestyle! We take the time to understand our clients’ routines, familial needs, and goals and then build a gameplan to attack and deliver. At times, this can involve long nights collecting quotes for repair items or overcoming logistical challenges, but that’s all part of the fun, and our clients recognize the effort to exceed expectations,” says Jacob.

As important as networking and relationships are to his individual achievements, Jacob and his fellow agents rely on each other to build on the overall success of Parkside Realty. Entrepreneurs Tom Waggener and Ian Mills “flexed their network to the tune of $10million in 2020 production,” says Jason. Tom owns a coffee shop, and Ian owns a cycle shop. Alan Wade is a retired Air Force veteran and one of the few Certified Homes for Heroes agents in the Louisville area. “Alan specializes in working with everyday heroes such as first responders, teachers, and military personnel, giving back a portion of proceeds earned with each transaction.” Jason adds, “One of our most recent additions, retail veteran Chuck Shelly, didn’t quite have the ideal experience, but his drive and passion for real estate made it a no-brainer to have him join the team!”

According to Jason, Parkside is still growing and has already added three new agents in 2021. “Our ideal candidate is one that has been licensed for a few years and produced $10million+ in transactions but is growing exhausted of all the fees, splits, and proverbial handcuffs that come with a big brand brokerage.” As for the real estate market in 2021, Jacob sees no slow down in sight. “We are dealing with an inventory shortage right now where a combination of the pandemic and low-interest rates have kept many existing homeowners reinvesting in their existing homes. Compounding that is Gen-Y now aggressively invest- ing in real estate for both personal and financial growth. The transactions are getting more creative and complex, but with the assistance of attorneys like Scott Harper with Triple Crown Title that complexity is mitigated. They have been a calming force in the crazy 2020 real estate season.”

Posted on 2021-02-01 by Dawn Anderson