Lisa Steinbock, the owner of Steinbock Interiors, wasn’t always an award-winning interior designer. When she was a kid, Lisa loved drawing, painting, and making pottery and candles, but left her artistic skills behind when she became a computer programmer and auditor. Even as a computer expert, Lisa had a knack for helping neighbors and friends pick out colors and putting rooms together for their homes, and soon, she knew interior design was the right career move.

Lisa went back to school to study design and started at a local firm. After eight years, she branched out and created Steinbock Interiors, where she has been leading projects for 16 years. Her company is now a full-service interior design and construction firm that focuses on remodels of kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. With new construction, Lisa, and her team, can start with the blueprints and end when the last accessory is in place, as well as finishing everything in between. “The American family is extremely busy,” Lisa says. “I wanted people to have one person to come to ... to create a one-stop-shop for clients.”

The company has its own paint crew, custom window treatment workroom, and furniture refinishing, upholstery, flooring, painting, and counter-top services, as well as a tile and a cabinet maker on staff. “We do everything,” Lisa says about her staff.

“We all have the same thought processes, values, and quality of work.” The company values itself on exceptional customer service and high-end, quality products and services.

Every day is different for Lisa, who has won several awards, including Best Interior Design Win, Place, and Show at Homerama and Best of Houzz for Louisville design firms the last six years. Lisa also periodically teaches design with adult education and special programs offered through libraries and other organizations. She has been published in various local and out of town periodicals, and she writes her own blog, as well.

With a new client, she starts out with a phone conversation to find out what they want to work on and discuss their budget. The next meeting is at the client’s home, allowing Lisa to come in and meet the family. “Looking at the existing home tells so much about them--what their taste and style is-- then we can start planning their updated areas Lisa says. “It’s like a puzzle. We start with one piece and go off that.”

From the conception of her company, Lisa wanted to help clients save money. She set up a pricing scale and offers significant discounts, but quality products and services are her No. 1 priority. “We work hard to guide our clients in a process that’s easiest and makes the most sense to them,” Lisa says. “It’s a one-stop-shop. We assist them throughout the entire process.

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Posted on 2021-02-01 by Taylor Riley