You may recognize The Burkhart Company for its decades of woodworking business in Louisville, but what some fail to realize, is that the company is so much more than that one area of expertise. Andrew Just, co-owner and project manager at The Burkhart Company, says they are a one-stop-shop for custom shutters, as well as their original custom cabinet projects.

The Burkhart Company was founded in 1977 by Tom Burkhart, who always had a passion for custom woodworking, and he turned that passion into a business, providing Louisville with fine quality craftsmanship and custom woodworking. The company believes in unique and special designs with modern appeal and timeless elements, and when Andrew bought the business in 2020, he made sure to continue the company's legacy. Andrew grew up around small businesses--his father owned Louisville Golf--and he worked at Stonemark Granite as a sales manager where he came across Tom. Tom, who wanted to retire, sold the company to Andrew, his two brothers and one of Andrew’s best friends, with who he had a business from 2004 to 2014. Andrew believed the company was a perfect fit because it made a “great product.”

Speaking of great products, the shutter department specializes in a plantation-style that can be made in-house to the exact specifications of a home. Shutters can help transform a home in an instant, according to Andrew, and the plantation-style is a classic way to replace traditional blinds and curtains; they fit window frames and can be opened like doors. The shutters are made from the highest quality grade regional wood and matched perfectly to fit the space. The shutters aren’t shipped from overseas, they’re made at the historic downtown Louisville location.

Ninety percent of the shutters the company provides are painted, but there’s an unlimited supply of finishes to choose from. Most clients want them to match the trim in the home, so the company can mix a custom stain. The shutters can be used for privacy and blocking out the unwanted sun, and they can also contribute to insulating a home, keeping rooms cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. The products are also sturdier than others, according to Andrew.

The company can do it all; the process is simple from measurement to manufacturing and installation. Every window is different in a home, so quotes are given after measurements. The company specializes in 2-1⁄2-to-3-1⁄2-inch louvers, which provide more control and more light for space. What sets them apart from competitors? “Our finished product sets us apart,” Andrew says. “You can tell there are no shortcuts.”

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Posted on 2021-01-01 by Taylor Riley